History and Culture in Madagascar

madagascar population

Population and languages

It is said that "The man who wants to learn must read first, and then travel to rectify what he has learned." So, if your wish is to discover Madagascar and you want to see beyond the exotic side of the country and the lemurs, discover together one of the most important wealth of the island.

the wealth of madagascar

The wealth of the poor

Madagascar is a poor country. Since I live in Madagascar I have never liked this way of seeing things, and first, what is poverty!

rum dzama nosy be
Nosy Be Archipelago

Dzama rum from Nosy Be

You already know that rum is produced with sugar cane, a plant native to the Caribbean.
Originally craft product, over time the manufacture has improved and rum has become today the third most consumed spirits in the world.

History of Madagascar

Malagasy customs according to Professor Rabi

Professor Rabi exhibited at the International Conference Center in Ivato the Egyptian pantheon with previously unpublished paintings unknown in Madagascar, from the period of On (Annu in Egyptian, heliopolis in Greek) to the period of Ptolemy.

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