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A must to get to Nosy-Be or Antsiranana by road, Ambanja is often perceived as a simple stopover city. Yet it is a city that deserves attention. The center, just like the surroundings of the city has its part of Madagascar to offer you. Green setting and friendly people are all assets that offer you the city.

Sambirano the influential

The region of Ambanja has very fertile cultivable surfaces that are conducive to the development of plants such as cocoa, coffee or pepper. It is an important commercial center of the road that leads to Antsiranana. Located on the national road 6, Ambanja is 220 km before the big city of Antsiranana. A few tens of kilometers before arriving in town, you will see the mangroves extend, which announce the proximity of the sea. And if the city proper is not at the seaside, one feels the proximity. Ambanja owes its wealth from the river that runs through it, the Sambirano. This river is responsible for the microclimate watered the region, quite rare in the western part of the Big Island. It is also responsible for a green nature, including teks trees that reach the edge of the road. During a stay in Ambanja, it is interesting to see the culture of cocoa, from which we obtain pods that provide the raw material of chocolate. The cocoa from Madagascar is, with that of Guatemala, one of the best in the world, particularly appreciated by Swiss master chocolatiers. The most curious with the cocoa plant is the arrangement of the fruits. These do not appear in the branches, but in the trunk. The treatment of beans obtained from pods is done in the city itself. This is a complex fermentation and roasting process that locals will be happy to introduce to you.

The proximity of Ankify

If the island of Nosy-Be is acclaimed by tourists, there is a place near Ambanja which is a charming seaside village, the village of Ankify. The taxi ride from the city is affordable and there are beautiful sandy beaches bathed by a pleasantly warm sea. Many visitors are unaware of this destination since they consider it just as a pier towards Nosy-Be. Coconut palms will give you a thirst-quencher of choice when the sun begins to hit. As in Ambanja, the small restaurants, called here hotely (not to mix with hotels) offer dishes based on freshly caught seafood. As soon as you get away from the pier, the life offered by Ankify is very calm, just like the moramora philosophy of the Malagasy, that is to say that the activities of the day are unfold without haste. By adopting this lifestyle, you will quickly get rid of stress and concerns to let you give up the happiness of the present moment. It is also possible to go exploring along the wild coasts of this region where nature is still all rights. To bring authenticity to the trip, a small excursion by traditional pirogue is the ideal. Remember to negotiate the price for not having to suffer the Vazaha tariff.

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