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The city of Farafangana is one of the liveliest on the Southeast coast. Waterfalls, white sand, forests, ... a whole panoply of landscapes to discover and admire in this authentic corner. Even the hard-to-reach ocean does not diminish the charm of Farafangana.

Farafangana is a colonial city largely developed by the French at the time of colonization. They exploited the local cash products at the time. Nowadays, the dynamism of the city is mainly felt through its market. It offers all the products that can be found in the region including coffee, a flagship product of the locality. A tour through the city will immerse you in a picturesque setting, rather different from those of other coastal cities.

Located 106 km south of Manakara and 400 km south of Antananarivo, the city of Farafangana is distinguished by the warm welcome of its people, visitors are rather rare here. The trip also promises a rich cultural discovery as we have the opportunity to meet three ethnic groups namely Antefasy, Zafizoro and Rabakara.

The Manombo Special Reserve is a major attraction in the region. It is 25 km from the city, towards Vangaindrano, and promises a remarkable discovery of Malagasy biodiversity. Moreover, the riches of the reserve favor the expansion of scientific tourism. There are endemic lemurs including the famous "Eulemur Albocallaris" and "Varicia Variegata" found only in the region. 32 species of ants, snails and birds also coexist in the middle of a vegetation rich in endemic plants including the tree "Humbertia Madagascariensis". This one is very particular because it has a longevity of more than 100 years.

The park is the site of discovery of a new species of freshwater fish, belonging to the endemic genus Pantanodum. This discovery dates back to 1994. One of the tours offered allows you to get acquainted with the endemic fauna and flora while another immerses you in the heart of beautiful orchids in bloom, from June to August. The reserve also allows to have an exceptional view on the beach. On the one hand, the place is conducive to the observation of the sea turtles of the region who come to lay mass on the beach. On the other hand, it is possible to see whales passing offshore in October.

Those wishing to take a closer look at the crocodiles of the reserve will find canoe descents along the very interesting Takoandro and Manatsimbea rivers. Outside the park, you can also go back to the fall of Rianambo, a site full of charm where it is possible to establish a small camp. You can admire the surroundings and enjoy the freshness that prevails.

Farafangana, a cradle of traditions with a natural and wild décor, is still unknown but attractive. The surrounding landscapes and the city's scenery have it all. The destination is really ideal for a unique journey. Change of scenery guaranteed!

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