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Quiet and green, Ambila Lemaisto is a small village on the east coast of Madagascar open on the Indian Ocean. Ideally located between the ocean and the Pangalanes Canal, Ambila Lemaitso will also captivate you with its exuberant nature and numerous excursion possibilities.

A holiday resort with unsuspected magic

By taking the national road 2 joining Antananarivo to port city of Toamasina, you will cross the Brickaville bridge. Soon after, a discreet bifurcation will take you to the village of Ambila Lemaitso (Ambila the green). The track is tortuous, and it will be necessary to wait during the ferry crossing to get there, but you will find that the trip is really worth it. In addition, the course that leads to it is a subtle blend of tropical scents emanating from clove trees. Soon, Ambila will again be served by Madarail trains, facilitating access to the region. On your arrival, you will be captivated by the contrast offered by the Indian Ocean and the Pangalanes Canal. If the sea demonstrates its strength by forming immense waves falling in impressive foam, the Canal is of an imperturbable placidity. Do not venture to swim in the sea, the Canal is the ideal bathing place, with a variable level of depth and sufficient width to exhaust you. To appreciate the sea and its benefits, just prefer barefoot walks and contemplate the frail canoes of local fishermen who risk their life every moment to survive. The beaches of Ambila are huge and will delight the fans of tanning at those times when the sun shines. It must be known that it rains untimely in the region, due to its humid tropical climate. Do not worry because the rains are brief and the weather is always nice.

A land and a culture to discover

A trip to Ambila Lemaitso will allow you to forget the tumults of everyday life, but going on an excursion on the Canal will take you into another world, out of time and exceptionally green. It is possible to meet endemic animals on the Big Island. From Ambila Lemaitso, it is possible to reach Lake Rasoabe and the village of Manambato. The landscape is simply grand, and the population is just as welcoming as Ambila Lemaitso's. Throughout the region, the majestic Ravinala, or traveler's tree, are legion and you will have no trouble making the best photos of this tree symbol of Madagascar (including the national airline). Throughout your stay in Ambila Lemaitso and the surrounding area, you will be able to admire the dexterity of the women who make the sobika, braided baskets that make the reputation of Madagascar. Less cumbersome and just as beautiful, the braided headgear will give you the look of a Sakalava, the majority ethnic group of the region. To perfect your Malagasy look, do not forget the lambahoany, a fabric that has similarities with Asian sarongs, but at the same time conveys messages through images and texts printed on the fabric. Here, the influence of modernity is still very weak. To relax, the hotels in the village will offer rooms or bungalows with comfort quite acceptable.


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