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Nosy Iranja, vaut t'elle le déplacement ?
Nosy Iranja is located south-west of Nosy Be, beyond the Bay of Russians about 27 nautical miles or about 1h30 by boat. It may seem long, after an hour you will say "she has interest to be worth it" then 15 minutes later you will see it and say "yes, it looks nice, it was worth it" to be the shot "and when the boat will dock you will say" yes anyway ... I would have to take my luggage ... "
Nosy Iranja, that to such particular?

The attraction of Nosy Iranja lies in the beauty of the place, it consists of two islands that are connected by a 1km white sandbank totally submerged at high tide. The largest island is home to a fishing village where you can enjoy a wonderful seafood buffet. The second island is a private island accessible only at low tide and is home to a hotel.

A tip, go for a drink at the bar, chat with the staff and if you know how to do it you'll be able to show you the back of the island ... and ... its turtle nests! With luck will you attend a birth?

Comment aller à Nosy Iranja ?
An island, small, so no runway. The only way to get there, the sea! You will find several providers on site offering day trips by fast shuttle, departure in the morning around 8:00 am and return in the early afternoon after midday around 15:30, I invite you to consult the providers. These ensure you a maximum number of people in the boat and know the history of places and can guide you there, and if needs of a multilingual guide, they are!
What to do in Nosy Iranja?
Pour les courageux (et encore !), rentrez dans l’île et montez jusqu’au fart, balade sympathique et jolie point de vue. Autrement, farniente sur la plage, nage et shooting photos pour les adeptes ?Vous avez aussi la possibilité comme dit plus haut d’aller voir les tortues sur Iranja-kely, et enfin de visiter les quelques boutiques d’artisanat.
Want to stay one night?
C’est possible sur demande, Baleines rand’eau peut vous organiser un bivouac 2j & 1 nuit , idéal pour profiter de Iranja comme il ce doit.
Y a t'il des restaurants à Iranja ?
Iranja étant une petite île loin de tout, pas de restaurant, uniquement des "pics-nic" (qui sont de vrai buffets) organisé pour les excursions
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I see you coming, it's a big promotion and a scam, right?
In fact it's simple, Live Madagascar is not an OTA or even a travel agency. It was initially a simple blog on Nosy Be with some tips because I have been a resident on Mada since 2006. Today it is a guide to Madagascar in its entirety, but it remains a site I do not live financially from!

But why this website then?

  1. Provide information because Madagascar remains too "mysterious" for many people on how to get there, how to get around, etc...
  2. Show you my results live: If you read these lines you see that I am often 1st on the various google searches with a beautiful enhancement. This is part of my work. Thus if you are a professional, if you need a website, an improvement of your visibility in all aspects, fplease let me know !

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