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The island of Nosy Komba, also called Lemur Island, is the largest and most populated after Nosy Be with nearly 4,000 inhabitants, it is located just 7 km from Hell Ville (capital of Nosy Be) or about 15 minutes by boat from the port.

Komba, The lemur island

As its name suggests, Nosy Komba is home to lemurs. Its lemurs are under the sign of fady (forbidden local), which makes them "sacred", or prohibition to hunt them or hinder them in any way (avoid feeding them). The best-represented species in Nosy komba is the Macaco Lemur, which lives in groups of about 20 individuals. It feeds almost exclusively on fruits. The male has black fur while the female, with her baby tied to the belly, is reddish-brown with lighter hairs around her head.

Nosy Komba, it is beautiful walks of all beauties that offer exceptional views of the surrounding panorama. The most courageous will reach its summit (Antaninaomby at 621m) in 5h to 6h and will offer a 360 ° panorama over the entire archipelago of Nosy be and the Malagasy coast for nearly 300km. For what it interests, since 2013 a race / tail is organized every year, the Maki Run.

In Nosy Komba, the rendezvous with nature

Not far from the mass tourism of Nosy Be, life flows quietly for the few hundred inhabitants of Nosy Komba. Shuttles make only one passage a day between Hell City and Ampangorina, the main village located north of the island. Privileged means of transport, the canoe (sometimes with motor) is used even to make the connection between the villages of the island, otherwise it is necessary to go on foot to reach the other villages. Seizing this opportunity, many have embarked on the manufacture of canoes and the trade of smugglers, which greatly facilitates the access of the island and the connection of the inhabitants with civilization. The highest altitude of the island is at 622 m at the point of Antaninaomby. Nature is protected from the progress of the modern world: no electricity, cars or other motor vehicles, and no roads either. The preserved beaches are well suited to idleness and walks. A tropical forest developed from the only mountain on the island to provide habitat for lush vegetation, including about 70 medicinal species. Regarding wildlife, the island is home to several maki families, hence its name "lemur island". Tourists visiting Nosy Be often make a detour on the island.

Where to sleep from Nosy Komba

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As you can see, beautiful days in perspective. To visit it, departures by boat from the beaches of Madirokely do it every morning, often mixed with Nosy Tanikely. You can also sleep a few nights, indeed several hotels are on site. Of course electricity is not there, but a harmony with nature and evenings with fireplaces with stories of residents will fulfill your dreams.

Tourist activities on the lemur island

Despite its modest size, the lemur island has a hotel park that will satisfy all budgets. Some luxury hotels offer rooms of comfort and chic that have nothing to envy to those found on Nosy Be, with the added bonus of unspoilt beaches and guaranteed tranquility. Less prestigious structures have more reasonable rates, mainly in the village of Ampagorina. In other words, a small tourist industry is starting to point on the horizon. The stalls of artisans of the village display statuettes, masks and other carved works in the expectation of tourists. In addition, women have specialized in embroidered items (or worked in Richelieu Point) that they sell along an aisle. Visitors are easy to play the game of lemurs that frequent the local population. Wildlife is not just lemurs, the island is full of endemic species of reptiles and spiders that can be discovered during hiking. The sea around Nosy Komba is also populated by dolphins, rays, turtles. The clear waters invite to diving and snorkeling. Providers from the island offer their services for trips at sea or in the forest, or for big game fishing.


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