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A commune placed on a peninsula, Ankify is active around its port. The latter is the link between the small islands of Nosy Be.

Ankify, strategic port of the Nord region

An important sea stop in northwestern Madagascar, the Ankify peninsula, is home to the dhows that crisscross the coastal strip of this region, from Majunga or the city of flowers to the west, to Diego Suarez at the northern end. from the island. But Ankify, it is also the obligatory passage to join Nosy Komba and Nosy Be, "the perfume island", via the terrestrial way. From there, ferries transport people and goods to these paradisiacal islands. From daybreak, the frail boats are always full and the fever of the place is reminiscent of the hustle and bustle of the souks. Amidst the friendly docks bordering the quays and enterprising merchants, Ankify and its makeshift landing places welcome you to the land of "moramora", "without worry" in the local dialect. But more than a port, Ankify has become a commercial hub where fishermen and villagers rush almost every bush taxi arrival: the solicitations fuse from all sides, enjoining tourists to taste such or such exotic fruit or the convincing to buy an unknown fish. Ankify is the door that opens on a new horizon where the warm welcome of Malagasy reveals in all its authenticity, it is the opportunity to better know this people who knows how to live each day to the rhythm of the sea.

Ankify, a peninsula with unsuspected treasures

From Diego Suarez to the idyllic islands of Nosy Be, do not just go by Ankify but take the time to discover this beautiful peninsula which holds many treasures outside the port. In the surroundings, charming small hotels nestled in their greenery offer an exceptional panorama on a background of paradise islands floating on the horizon: a landscape that seems straight out of a postcard! Comfortable stars, mainly for tourists, make the shuttle between Nosy Be and Ankify, and occasionally offer sea excursions along this rugged coast, where cliffs and small coves follow one another continuously. Discover its many sites that will prove to be conducive to kayaking and snorkeling. Nature lovers will not fail to be conquered by the rich and abundant vegetation. On the falafa huts that adorn the region, from camouflage camels to rainbow frogs, it's a harmless exotic fauna waiting for you in its tropical gardens, where beautiful orchids grow in the shade. majestic palm trees.

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