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Moramanga is an essential stop on the RN 2 national road, linking Antananarivo, the capital, to the east coast of Madagascar. The center of the city, crossed by the RN 2, is very lively day and night.

Road and railroad crossroads

The name "Moramanga" literally means "where mango is not expensive". This city is located 116 km east of the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo. The city is built in a very wooded area, with a very rich and endemic flora and fauna. This richness of the natural environment comes from the proximity of the Mangoro River, which causes permanent humidity for the basin in which Moramanga is located. The city of Moramanga and its surroundings are home to many companies and wood processing plants. The industrial culture of eucalyptus and pine is one of the main activities of the city. Moramanga is also at the crossroads of two roads: one linking Antananarivo to the east coast of Madagascar and the other leading to the northern and southern parts of the former province of Toamasina. The main restaurants and hotels of Moramanga are located at the edge of the National Road, RN 2.

Museum of the gendarmerie and excursions

You will find in Moramanga is the special nature reserve "Périnet", also known as "Analamazoatra". Moramanga is also the nearest city of Andasibe-Mantadia, one of the most visited natural parks in Madagascar. You can observe many endemic animal and plant species in Madagascar, including birds and lemurs, like the famous Indri, the largest lemur in Madagascar. In the town of Moramanga, you will find a Museum of the Gendarmerie, fruit of the work and passion of a young gendarme. You will see many costumes, archives, articles, etc. Moramanga is also home to a monument commemorating the anti-colonialist insurrection of 1947, which has claimed many lives. Each year, during the austral summer, Moramanga is the scene of an orchid contest, it is the moment to see many rare and valuable species. The city is also home to a small nightclub, The Calypso.

An accessible city

Moramanga is an easily accessible city. It is crossed by the RN 2 national road leading from Antananarivo, the capital, to Toamasina, the largest port of Madagascar, on the east coast. This road does not require an off-road vehicle because the road is in good condition. The city is about two and a half hours from the capital. If you take the bush taxi, the city is a must to go to Andasibe-Mantadia park. Public transport from Antananarivo to Moramanga will cost you Ar 5000, a little less than 2 €. The railroad leading to the Malagasy coast also passes through Moramanga. It is used mainly for the transportation of goods from the port of Toamasina, but it also offers a passenger transport service. Two branches of Malagasy banks are located in the main street, with ATMs.

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