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An ideal getaway destination, Madagascar reveals to us droplets of paradise with enchanting and unique landscapes. Still unknown to the general public, the small island of Nosy Saba, a small stretch of land lost off the northwestern coast of Madagascar is a haunting destination.

The island of happiness

It is easy to imagine a small island far removed from all civilization, but to find one that is truly in line with our imagination, it is almost mission impossible. Nosy Saba is, however, one of those islands that plunge you into a world apart, where the Malagasy philosophy of moramora (pronounced mouramoura) which means to go slowly finds all meaning.

Turquoise sea, sandy beaches, exceptional underwater landscape are all natural treasures available to visitors of this little corner of paradise. The coral reefs that surround the island of Nosy Saba offer exceptional spots for fans of scuba diving. Accessible from the island, Sahamalaza National Park is an important biosphere reserve that is home to seven species of lemurs and some forty species of birds. Sahamalaza Park also includes a marine park with more than 150 species of fish.

Nosy Saba Lodge: an exceptional reception facility

The Nosy Laba Lodge is a hotel that offers travelers all the comforts that will make your stay in Madagascar an unforgettable experience. Built in perfect harmony with nature, this lodge integrates harmoniously with the local environment. The hotel has its own airfield for easy access to the island. From the capital Antananarivo, you will put a little more than two hours. From Nosy-Be, thirty minutes of flight will be enough to reach the island. The activities are not lacking. You have the choice between the sandy beaches or the edge of the large pool to bask. You can also practice golf on an excellent nine-hole course. In addition, you can also learn parasailing, windsurfing or water skiing. The 27 bungalows meet European standards.

Sahamalaza Park, the antechamber of the beauty of Nosy Saba

In addition to the four kilometers of virgin beaches, the dozen hectares of primary forests and the diving spots, Nosy Saba Island offers its visitors the privilege of discovering one of the most important sanctuaries of Malagasy biodiversity: the Sahamalaza Park. The hotel located on a private island organizes guided tours of this nature reserve, spread over 26 035 Ha around the Radama Islands and divided into three distinct areas: marine, land and coastal. Each area of the park is home to the endemic animal and plant life of the Big Island, reflecting the complexity of the region's ecosystem.

The natural sights of Sahamalaza-Iles Radama Park

Inland, the Sahamalaza peninsula is home to seven species of lemurs all endemic, including the famous blue-eyed lemur flavifrons, one of the rarest mammals in the world. In the forests of the region and coastline also nest a few dozen species of birds and amphibians found nowhere else on the planet. The flora is not left behind, with more than 220 listed species of plants, not to mention the thousands of hectares of mangroves on the coast of Maromandia and the mouth of the river Andranomalaza. The marine plot is also full of hundreds of species of coral, invertebrates and fish, easily accessible in Ramanetaka Bay. Enjoy these natural wonders for an excursion organized by the Nosy Saba hotel.

Udo not get an express getaway in the middle of nature from Nosy Saba Island

Nosy Saba, honoring its status as a resort hotel, offers tailor-made expeditions within the forests and islets of Sahamalaza Park. Excursions from the island-hotel begin with a boat trip from Nosy Saba to Marovato. Then follow guided tours in every corner of the park, during which you will meet the mammals, birds and the most characteristic species of the region. The adventure includes a picnic lunch in the heart of the nature of Sahamalaza.

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