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Located 90 km northeast of the capital, the district of Anjozorobe is best known for its natural forest, home to a large number of endemic animal and plant species. Thanks to its natural wealth and cultural heritage, the destination attracts both scientists and tourists. The peaceful landscapes invite visitors to discover the region at a calm and restful pace.

Destination to historical and cultural footprints

The beauty of the landscape of Anjozorobe had seduced the king Andrianampoinimerina, who founded the city of Anjozorobe (same name as the district). The name Anjozorobe comes from the Malagasy word "zoro", referring to the sacred angle turned to the northeast, in the traditional religion. A second interpretation is that the name comes from the word "zozoro" designating the reeds, growing on marshy sites in the region. These reeds would have served as a refuge for Menalamba, a group fighting for the political independence of Madagascar in the late 19th century.

The community of Anjozorobe, both rural and urban, observes a deep respect for the traditional heritage. The practice of Famadihana or the turning of the dead fills the towns and villages around music, songs and dance. Visitors can take advantage of this festive atmosphere during the freshness of winter, from June to September. Caves, tombs and other sacred places dot the area, right inside the natural forest of Anjozorobe. In other words, this forest is sacred to the Aboriginal population. This greatly helped in setting up a preservation project.

A nature sanctuary of the Malagasy Highlands

Typical of Malagasy central lands, the relief of Anjozorobe includes expanses of plains, hills and forests. This ensemble forms an exceptional landscape, where nature reigns supreme. The whole covers a total area of 52 000 ha. With the support of the inhabitants, conservation projects are very successful. Thus was born the new protected area of Anjozorobe - Angavo in 2005. The forest corridor stretches for a hundred kilometers, straddling the regions of Analamanga and Alaotra Mangoro. It is classified in category 5 Protected Harmonious Landscape sites.

Under the management of the NGO Fanamby, the site currently has a reception structure, including accommodation and catering. These activities involve the participation of the local community. On site, tours are offered to visitors to discover the site, especially its forest area of 28 000 ha. A precious forest by the biodiversity it houses. The NGO has identified 9 species of lemurs and 75 species of orchids, not counting reptiles, amphibians, rodents and other small mammals. The particularity of the site is also its habitat role for more than sixty species of endangered birds.

Located 10 km from the city of Anjorobe, the Anjozorobe Angavo protected area promises a peaceful discovery and a total immersion in the life of the inhabitants. Apart from visits to the site, tourists can also participate in reforestation activities or enjoy organic items, resulting from fair trade.

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