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If we know that Madagascar is an immense island, we will not be surprised to discover destinations that very few guides mention. However, Betanty is one of those Malagasy destinations that are often mentioned, but which in the end is only known by a small number of lucky people. Betanty is a small village located at the southern end of Madagascar, a few tens of kilometers from Cape St. Mary, the southernmost tip of the Big Island.

Enjoy the richness of an unspoiled sea

There was a time when the village of Betanty was considered the southernmost point of Madagascar, based on calculations made by Portuguese navigators, but the assertion proved false since it is Cape St. Mary called in Malagasy Tanjona Vohimena, who holds this title. This error has earned Betanty the nickname of False Cape. Betanty is a charming fishing village located 30 km south of the town of Tsihombe. The track is passable in all seasons and is lined with large baobabs. The many Antandroy tombs offer the landscape a unique and so supernatural cachet. The village is open on a large lagoon several kilometers, whose sandy beach preserved from mass tourism invites relaxation and idleness. At Betanty, there are no huge hotels or concrete seaside. Everything is natural and the hand of modern man has not yet soiled the environment. In addition to enjoying the traditional way of life of these distinguished fishermen, it is possible to rent a traditional boat and go off. During the austral winter (May to August), it is not uncommon to meet the whales. The spectacle is at its peak when these imposing mammals reject a powerful jet through their vent.

Cape on the Tanjona Vohimena

From the village of Betanty, it is possible to explore Cap Sainte-Marie (Vohimena), the end of this enchanting island. The site is home to a special reserve that is particularly known for its hundreds of sea turtles. Not very practical in the rainy season (although it is rare), the track that goes from Betanty to Cape St. Mary requires the rental of a vehicle All Terrain. Unless you are an experienced driver in difficult terrain, use a driver-guide. For the more sporty, it is possible to join Cape St. Mary on a hike. Allow six hours of walking if you have a good pace. In the special reserve, it is also possible to observe some species of lemurs, but it will be necessary to have the patient and especially take care not to disturb them. It is important to know that ecotourism only makes sense in the preservation of nature, and the first thing to do is to interfere as little as possible in the life and microcosm of the inhabitants. Back in Betanty, enjoy one of the two hotels in the village to relax and enjoy the charming bungalows. The local gastronomy is of course facing the sea. Do not hesitate to order a lobster dish.


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