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A few dozen kilometers to the south - west end of Cape Sainte - Marie nestles a charming village with unsuspected charm, Lavanono.

A destination out of time

For Westerners, it is sometimes impossible to think that there are still areas where time has stopped. In Lavanono, you will be immersed in an environment where concrete has no place. Only a few houses are built in hard and the rest is built with all natural materials.

The hinterland consists of a sedimentary aggregate that has formed a plateau over the course of geological history that ended in a cliff at the foot of which is the village of Lavanono. This contrasting landscape between heights and sea is particularly mesmerizing, especially at sunset. The coastline of Lavanono also offers an astonishing diversity of landscapes. Between the sandy beaches and the stretches of rocks where the waves come to crash, the atmosphere is simply magical.

Many activities are available to you

Few people know that Lavanono is a top quality surfing destination. An international competition has already taken place there. Indeed, the structure of the coastline allows offshore waves to form exceptional and quite exhilarating rollers. Lovers of thrills will find their happiness. But since the infrastructure for the sport is not yet developed, it is essential for surfers to bring all the equipment and repair kits they need, a useful precaution to take advantage of this. spot. Besides surfing, it is also possible to explore the ecosystem of the region. Take advantage of your stay to admire the wildlife of the Cap Sainte-Marie Special Reserve where you can admire the hundreds of turtles that live there. Between August and November, it is also possible to admire humpback whales.

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