The Scolopendre

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What is the difference between a centipede and a centipede?


These 2 insects belong to the same family so it is not obvious to recognize them from sight, indeed at first glance, they are almost identical: several legs, a small flattened body and their colors are about the same. same.

According to the scientists / specialists, and here I wish you good luck to see it on this of Madagascar (not the biggest in the world), the centipede's legs are longer than those of the thousand legs. More realistic to distinguish, they have on their heads 2 crochets which serve them to bite.

Finally, and that's how I know what's in front of me, the centipede folds back on itself to hide it while the Scolopendre takes the powder off this hide, and if a bed nearby, be sure it will be that direction!

Where do we find them in Madagascar?

The centipedes usually live in countries with a humid tendency and whose climate is particularly hot, in other words, they like tropical places and outside the highlands of Madagascar, you will find them on all coasts.

You will meet them in the piles of wood, in the tall grass but also under the stones or in the cracks of the walls and also occasionally in the houses, in the warm places that are the bed and the clothes, so do not hesitate to check before putting on your pants, it happened to me once ...

In case bite, what to do?

The centipedes have venom glands under their jaws but their stings remain superficial, indeed their stingers do not pierce the skin of humans and in the worst case, the effect is comparable to that of a bee sting and the symptoms usually go away in a few hours.

The little beast does not eat the big one, but it can still hurt, so in case of bite, no worries, redness will appear, clean this area like any cut, disinfect it with a antiseptic and finally, if needs is (the bites of small scolopendres are more painful than those large), to alleviate the pain take 2 tablets of paracetamol 500 mg or 2 tablets of Doliprane every 4 hours if necessary. However, make sure not to exceed 6 tablets in a single day.

If the pain persists, beyond 24 hours, see a doctor because some people may be allergic to it.

Do not kill them!

The centipedes are part of the animal kingdom and eat many other pests that infest houses such as spiders, bed bugs, cockroaches, and ants. Useful no?

How to get rid of centipedes?

Scolopendre scares you? So, know that the centipede also shares this fear and she is definitely more afraid than you! But if you still want to avoid them in your homes, before using insecticides (toxic), some advice starting with the garden which is the habitat of the centipedes so let's start cleaning here. Battlegear (boots and glove) in place? On the attack and: Remove dead leaves and decaying vegetation around your house. Do not leave objects on the ground that could serve as a refuge (such as stones, boards or boxes). Prune and clean the plants along the foundation to improve airflow around your home. Let the soil dry between two waterings. Before the arrival of autumn, seal cracks in the foundations and around the windows. Indoors, use a dehumidifier or a small electric fan to dry the basement wet areas. check the small empty space of your building: on the foundation walls and around the kisses and clog the

Did you know ? The centipede is a cure!

Yes, it may seem crazy at first, but it's true! Research has shown that the venom of centipede is exploitable in the field of medicine. Indeed, the toxin present in the venom of the centipede may serve as an antiseptic.


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