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Ivato is best known for its large international airport. This is the door that opens on Antananarivo. The leisure centers present make Ivato an endearing corner, ideal to spend the weekend or why not, a few days more.

Ivato is located fifteen kilometers north-west of the capital. It is often only a point of passage for visitors who land at the airport. However, the area is nice and has the special atmosphere around Antananarivo, far from the crowds and pollution.

The "Croc'Farm" is one of Ivato's major attractions. Located near the airport, this crocodile farm is worth a whole day. The place is a little remote, the environment is pleasant, ideal to change air close to the capital. The main attraction of the site are the dangerous Nile crocodiles. Several places are dedicated to them. More than 5000 crocodiles are born every year at Croc'Farm and the youngest are visible in a building specially designed for them.

We never tire of admiring the crocodiles in their pens. The mouth wide open, they bask in the sun between waterfalls, ponds, banana trees and tropical flowers. Some even reach an impressive height of 6 m. A little further, in the middle of a green setting, a central island nestled in the heart of a green lake is their breeding place. The landscape is fascinating thanks to the plants that grow around: periwinkles, coconut palms, hibiscus, peaches, mango trees and jacarandas.

The Croc'Farm Zoological Park is also home to a wide variety of wildlife, other than crocodiles. A band of lemurs curious to see visitors jump from branch to branch. In a special enclosure surrounded by bamboos and cactuses, we can see radiated turtles from the Southwest. Other park residents are frogs, snakes, boas, chameleons, fossas and ostriches. Palm trees, lemons, avocados, orchids and others give a rather exotic touch to the park.

To perfect the visit of the place, a detour on the side of the restaurant of the park is essential. You can eat rillettes and crocodile skewers. Before leaving, a visit to the souvenir shop located near the entrance is a must. Various articles of leather goods and Malagasy handicrafts are on display: belts, bags, ...

To fully enjoy a family weekend, the CAR is a leisure center where relaxation rhymes with fun. Located three minutes from Ivato airport, the Cercle Amical Réunionnais (CAR) is in an exceptional setting. Many activities are available for all tastes: petanque, swimming pool, mountain biking, horse riding, tennis, volleyball, basketball, ... Want a new experience? You can start kayaking on the lake with the help of a qualified instructor. Children will also find their happiness thanks to the spaces that have been specially designed for them.

Admittedly, Ivato is not as big as the other cities but the distractions that are there are all equally interesting. Pleasant accommodation structures are present at the place to welcome you. You can thus spend a beautiful stay in this corner, near the sites of relaxation.


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