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Manakara is the terminus of the Malagasy railway Fianarantsoa-East coast. This quiet and peaceful city is ideal for those who want to escape urban turmoil and discover the culture of a welcoming population.

City at the end of the world

The city of Manakara is located on the southeast coast of Madagascar, in the region of Vatovavy-Fitovinany. It is a colonial city with a small port. The Manakara station is also the terminus of the Fianarantsoa-East Coast line, FCE. Manakara is located in a region mainly inhabited by the Antemoro ethnic group, "the coastal people". In Manakara, the average temperature throughout the year is 27 ° C. Mercury can exceptionally fall to 10 ° C during the austral winter, but it can easily rise to 32 ° C in the hot season. The city has a neighborhood made of beautiful colonial style houses, by the sea. There are beautiful beaches lined with coconut trees, but it is impossible to swim because of the current and sharks. Manakara is a quiet city with wide unpaved streets, you can easily feel like you're at the end of the world ...

Excursions in nature and Antemoro paper

During your stay in Manakara, do not miss the opportunity to go on a pirogue trip along the Pangalanes Canal. The destination is the "Commissioner's Hole" where swimming is enjoyable and safe. In town, visit the Antemoro paper factory. This Malagasy paper is used to make beautiful parchments, letters, postcards, etc. You will also find some at the city market. In the city center, you can also go to the restaurant or nightclub. From Manakara, you can also access the natural swimming pool by ferry. There is also a day trip to Farafangana to visit the private Rianambo Park and the Manombo Special Reserve. About 40 km north of Manakara is Vohipeno, cultural capital of Antemoro. You will also see the tomb of the kings Antemoro.

The city of bicycles

Manakara is accessible by train and car. The journey by road is faster. And even if a 4 × 4 offers more comfort on the bad portions, the bush taxi arrives there without problem. The railway also contributes to the development of tourism in Manakara. The train trips to Manakara allow you to enjoy landscapes of particular charm. The biodiversity of the region is there for something. The bus station, if you take the bush taxi, and the railway station are located in downtown Manakara. You will also find the market, the cybercafés, the Alliance française, the town hall, the police station and the main offices. Manakara has no bus or taxi, so you have to drive in a rickshaw or mountain bike in town. The city is perfect for bicycles, since there are no traffic jams or pollution.

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