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Sanctuary of nature unfortunately in danger, Madagascar has erected the best preserved regions in national parks or nature reserves, in order to preserve a unique biodiversity in the world. Joffreville, about thirty kilometers south of the city of Antsiranana, is a privileged entry point to the Montagne d'Ambre National Park.

Joffreville: a former colonial holiday resort

Located thirty kilometers south of the town of Antsiranana, Joffreville was created in 1903 for settlers who wanted to get rid of the suffocating heat of Diégo-Suarez. Joffreville also hosted a military garrison to provide the military with a training facility offering challenging conditions and rugged terrain. Currently, although some colonial homes have been visited by weather and weather, Joffreville is still a charming little town. The road that leads to it is relatively good, despite the potholes that dot the asphalt. In several places of the city, you will benefit from an impregnable view on the huge bay of Diégo. Do not forget your camera. The corner, very green, offers an exceptional relaxation for nature lovers, but also for those who simply seek tranquility. The altitude offers a very pleasant climate, even if it is rainy at certain times of the year, since the Montagne d'Ambre forest is nearby. From the city, the entrance to the national park is only 3 km. There is a souvenir shop produced by local artisans.

Discovering the rare

The Amber Mountain National Park is a sanctuary of nature. There are several endemic species. During your adventure in this vast space, you will encounter up to seven species of lemurs and more than seventy species of birds. Tropical trees and plants are also legion. There are nearly a thousand different species. Make sure you have good running shoes and warm clothes for your visit to the park. In addition to the exceptionally rich fauna and flora, the Amber Mountain is also a marvel for the eyes. There are several waterfalls of great beauty, including the Great Cascade Antomboka, a height of 80 m. The access is certainly quite difficult, but the show that is offered to you is really worth seeing. The summit of the mountain is also accessible with the help of a guide, but it is essential to have a very good physical condition, because in addition to the difficulty of the course, the air at altitude is scarce, so less rich in oxygen despite the presence of plants. During your journey, you will discover a beautiful lake. On your return to Joffreville, you can relax in front of a typical Malagasy dish and then relax in charming bungalows.

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