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All those who leave Antananarivo towards the south of Madagascar pass by Ambatolampy. But this city is more than just a stopover, Ambatolampy deserves a stop to discover tourist sites and enjoy its good restaurants.

Must-see city on the RN 7

The city of Ambatolampy is located along the National Highway 7, about 70 km south of Antananarivo, capital of Madagascar. City of about 27,000 inhabitants, Ambatolampy is a must-see place for tourists and all other travelers who go to the south of Madagascar. Ambatolampy is a typical city of Merina country, on the Central Highlands of Madagascar. The climate is quite cool and temperate, because of its high altitude location at the foot of the Ankaratra massif. The good season to visit the city is the dry season, from April to October. The weather is cooler than in the rest of the island, especially during the austral winter, between June and August. The city of Ambatolampy is mainly built along the RN 7, for several kilometers. Several tourist and historical places to visit. Ambatolampy is particularly known for the handcrafting of tools, utensils and objets d'art in aluminum.

Artisanal foundries

The main feature of the city of Ambatolampy is the local tradition of aluminum foundry. Nearly a hundred small and very small businesses, sometimes family-owned, make various objects: pots and other kitchen utensils with objets d'art. You can visit these foundries and their workshops in Ambatolampy and buy trinkets and decorative items in aluminum. Copper or bronze tool making workshops are also available. Westerners will be surprised by the quality of traditional casts, but especially by the dexterity of craftsmen, who handle boiling metals without any body protection! In Ambatolampy you can also visit the "Museum of Nature" La Cigale and La Mygale. This private museum exhibits many beetles and butterflies from Madagascar, but also from other countries. Do not miss the visit of the former royal residence, the "Rova" of Tsinjoarivo, overlooking the waterfalls of Onive.

One hour from Antananarivo

Ambatolampy is one of the most easily accessible destinations in Madagascar from Antananarivo. It is about 70 km away, about an hour's drive from the capital to the south. You will not need 4 × 4 to get to Ambatolampy since this part of the RN 7 is in very good condition, at any time of the year. On the other hand, it is more difficult to access certain sites in the outskirts of Ambatolampy in the rainy season, dirt tracks can quickly become impassable. Being a mandatory passage for all vehicles leaving for the south of the country, Ambatolampy offers good accommodation and good tables to eat. One distinguishes a hotel restaurant offering rooms with hot water and offering good food at very affordable prices. It has been owned by the same owner for 40 years, a Frenchman living in Ambatolampy.

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