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Renowned for its exceptional biodiversity, Madagascar shelters in its protected areas countless species of fauna and flora endemic. The Baly Bay National Park is distinguished from the other parks of the island by its alliance between the terrestrial ecosystem and the marine ecosystem. If you are passing through the north-west of the country, the visit of this colorful world is absolutely to program. Wildlife enthusiasts will find their paradise!

Between Earth and sea

Located 150 km from Mahajanga (Majunga), Baly Bay runs along the northwest coast of Madagascar. Its opening to the sea contributes greatly to the enrichment of its ecosystem. This characteristic has earned it an integration in the protected areas of the island. Nestled in the heart of the communities of Ampohipaky and Soalala, the bay is largely inhabited by the Sakalava. The population lives there through traditional activities, including fishing, livestock and agriculture. Inaugurated in 1997, the Baie de Baly National Park invites the visitor to escape in the middle of the forest and the savannah. To get there, four choices are available to you: by car, bush taxi, plane or boat from Mahajanga. Once there, you will be able to marvel at the wild beauty of the landscapes.

A unique biodiversity in the world

Angonoka or Geochelone yniphora has become a real emblem of Baly Bay. This rare turtle is endemic to the region. The park is its only refuge in the world. Dotted with lakes, this protected area is also the sanctuary for many species "in danger" such as theErymnochelys madagascariensis, a freshwater turtle, and the Dugong Dugong, a marine mammal. An excursion to the Baly Bay National Park will also be an opportunity to meet some species of lemurs and endemic birds of the island, including the famous Ankoay (Haliaeetus vociferoides) and the White Squacco Heron (Ardeola idae). All this exceptional fauna evolves in the middle of a rich and generous flora. In all, there are 129 plant species. The other particularity of the bay is its proximity to the Namoroka National Park. It is therefore quite possible to extend your adventure in this protected area characterized by its Tsingy and its caves.

The proposed tours in Baly Bay National Park

With its 57,142 ha, Baly Bay National Park offers various circuits articulated around the discovery of its nature. For a successful excursion, it is strongly recommended to bring a lotion against mosquitoes. Camping gear is also needed if you plan to stay there longer. Angonoky and Ankoay being the two flagship species of the bay, two circuits are devoted to their discovery. The Angonoky circuit will delight hikers, with three hours of trekking on the program. As for the Ankoay circuit, it is primarily aimed at adventurers, since the excursion lasts an average of two days. Birdwatchers can bring back a multitude of unprecedented shots. Other circuits are also proposed, like Ihazoara, a 4 km course during which you will cross canyons and meet lemurs. In short, the sensations are at the rendezvous!

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