June 26, Independence Day in Madagascar

History of Madagascar

History of the indecency of Madagascar

In 1954, six years before independence, Madagascar was considered by the French News as "one of the regions of the future of the French Union". While a member of the French Union, the island had undergone major works. Agriculture had been profoundly modernized to intensify the production of rice, sugar cane and coffee. There was also new infrastructure built.

In 1958, Madagascar changes status. From overseas territory, it becomes an autonomous republic within the French Community, a new entity created by the Fifth Republic. Two years later, agreements with the Metropolis give it the status of independent state, while maintaining privileged links between France and its former colony.

The island thus attains independence on June 26, 1960 and the presidency of Madagascar is entrusted to Philibert Tsiranana, a former deputy who had conducted a conciliatory policy and benevolence towards France.
President Tsiranana, criticized by the population for his support of French interests, faces growing protest, particularly the student strike from the capital to the provinces, and leaves power in 1972.

source: Wikipedia, blog ina, world perspective.

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In the day, except the parade on Hell-city, nothing special.

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