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Questions fréquentes sur Sambava

Sambava, a coastal city in northeastern Madagascar, is famous for its vanilla. The city is in a region with great biodiversity. Succumb to the charm of its natural riches and forests with the intoxicating scent of vanilla.

In the heart of the Sava region

Sambava is a city located on the north-east coast of Madagascar. It is the capital of the district of Sambava, in the administrative region of Sava. Sambava is the heart of the green triangle of the Sava, short for "Sambava-Antalaha-Vohemar-Andapa". The city of Sambava is particularly known for its production of vanilla, but it also produces coconut, rice and coffee. Mineral riches such as sapphire, gold or amethyst also come from Sambava. This city has many tourist attractions, including 3 protected areas: the Marojezy Reserve, the Anjanaharibe South Reserve and the Masoala National Park.

Protected areas and vanilla scent

Enjoy your stay in Sambava to discover the culture of vanilla and its conditioning. Vanilla often grows in forests, crawling on trees. These forests have a delicious smell of pastry! In addition, the largest coconut grove in the world is located in Sambava, it covers nearly 5,000 ha. From Sambava, you can also go on an excursion to Andapa, 95 km away. The entrance to the Marojezy Nature Park is on this road. This park extends over more than 60,000 ha requires. You must spend at least two days, ideally four, to see the essentials.

Accessible by road in dry season

To go to Sambava by road, take RN 6 to Ambilobe. From there, follow RN 5 through Vohémar. This road is practicable in the dry season, from June until November. The journey takes about 4 days. But it becomes very difficult in the rainy season and may require a week of travel. Sambava is also accessible by air. Flights connect it regularly to Antananarivo, the capital, Antsiranana, the largest city in the north of the country, and Toamasina, the largest city on the east coast of Madagascar.

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