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At 68 km from Antananarivo, towards Tamatave, Mantasoa is a holiday resort particularly appreciated by the inhabitants of the capital. The setting provides well-being and serenity. It is ideal for spending the weekend or for an extended stay not far from the capital.

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Literally meaning "pleasant even raw", Mantasoa is a beautiful historical site. The authenticity of the landscapes, shaped by Jean Laborde will fascinate the history buffs. From 1837 to 1844, the French Jean Laborde, advisor to Queen Ranavalona I erected constructions on order of the queen: an industrial complex including blast furnace, foundry, glassware, soap factory, paper mill, weapons workshop ... and a pleasure palace with a zoo for the queen.

An excursion in the village will make you discover the villa of Jean Laborde, reconverted in small museum. Close to the village, Laborde's grave, the largest in the region's cemetery, is also one of the major attractions. Indeed, he was treated to funerals of national stature in 1878, according to the will of Queen Ranavalona II. This tomb was built by Jean Laborde himself and he named it Soamandrakizay or "eternal happiness".

In addition, the artificial lake of Mantasoa is a considerable asset. It was created in 1936 to regulate the waterways of the Ikopa River and to irrigate the plain of Betsimitatatra, a real rice granary of the country. This lake gives the region a new image, a new charm. The lake is a nice meeting place for water sports enthusiasts: pedalo, water skiing, a walk in the spotlight ... are practiced there. A bicycle trip or a hike around the area encourages escape while enjoying the beauty of the region.

The remains of installations erected by Jean Laborde are visible near the lake. Historically, the fascinating industrial complex founded by the French was allocated to the Jesuits at the beginning of the colonization of the island in 1895. But a large part of the erected industrial city did not survive the events that shook Madagascar during the colonial era . Only the blast furnace, the foundry workshop, the lime kiln and the pottery kiln remain visible

A detour into the Mandraka reserve, Madagascar Exotic, is essential to discover the Malagasy biodiversity. The reserve is 12 km after the junction for Mantasoa. Lovers of Malagasy fauna and flora will be spoiled by this unique site on the island. Many species present, fauna or flora, are endemic. Chameleons, butterflies and insects are scattered everywhere in the middle of the vegetation. The place is also home to crocodiles, turtles, snakes and is ideal for watching the sifakas, lemurs characteristic of the island.

If you are looking for a place of relaxation near the capital, in a pleasant environment, Mantasoa is a destination for you. The most active will find their happiness thanks to the various leisure activities on offer. The site is among the most enchanting of Madagascar.

Explore Mantasoa on horseback

With the installation of a luxury hotel in Mantasoa, tailor-made activities have also emerged. If the rental of quads, mountain bikes and other equipment for water sports is a service well known to visitors, equestrian rides are the new trend to discover. Perched at an altitude of 1500 meters on a well-groomed plateau, Mantasoa allows horse expeditions along a preserved nature. Around the lake or at the mercy of the great pine forest and eucalyptus, nature lovers find something to quench their thirst for unusual itineraries. Horses specially imported from the island of Reunion travel great distances and have been trained to satisfy the walker. Equids acclimatize moreover to the environment of the high plateaux malagasy generous grain crops.

Horses raised in very good conditions

With the goal of making Mantasoa a must-see destination for horseback excursions, local breeders team up with agricultural engineers and other industry professionals from across the Indian Ocean. The tourist actors of the locality therefore want to promote this activity to both Malagasy visitors and foreigners in search of escape in Madagascar.

Mantasoa: small history

Less than a 2-hour drive east of Antananarivo, Mantasoa was the first industrial site on the Big Island. Fief of Jean Laborde, Mantasoa once housed a lime kiln and a blast furnace. These facilities have been perfectly preserved and now house a school. In the small village of Andrangolaoka you can find the tomb of Jean Laborde and his house to visit without hesitation.

Activities in Mantasoa

Some activities

Activity proposed by Live Madagascar
Découvrir Mantasoa au galop est une manière de voir la région d’un autre œil. Vous avez le choix entre une demi-journée ou toute une journée de balade à cheval. Vous aurez un moniteur qui vous accompagnera vers les sites intéressant de Mantasoa, entre les pins, dans les villages, entre les rizières, etc. Idéale pour les...
Activity proposed by Live Madagascar
En visitant Mantasoa en vélo, vous avez une autre vision de la nature de la région. Entre les fôret, au bord du lac, dans les villages et sur la montagne, pédalez au grand air. Le tarif de location est à partir de 18.000 Ar soit dans les 5€ pour environ 1h. Mais si vous êtes...
Mantasoa, le chef-d’oeuvre de Jean-Laborde Fondée au 19e siècle par Jean Laborde, Mantasoa est une ancienne cité industrielle et un véritable havre de paix très appréciée des amateurs de sports nautiques pour son magnifique lac. Parmi les monuments hérités du génie du premier Consul de France à Madagascar que l’on peut visiter dans la ville,...

Hotels in Mantasoa

Some hotels

16 Mantasoa Manjakandriana 116 - Madagascar

Niché dans un domaine de 32 hectares de foret de pins  proche de la capitale Tananarive, idéal pour s’évader  pour un weekend.ou pour poursuivre les vacances .Son restaurant vous propose...
Starting at 40 €

Anjozoro East Mantasoa - Madagascar

Hôtel « Domaine de MES AS Edena » à Mantasoa propose 10 chambres pour 40 personnes environ, une grande mezzanine, une chambre familiale et des chambres au pavillon.Le restaurant sur une surface de...
Starting at 24 €

BP12 - Mantasoa - Madagascar

Le Chalet Suisse est une maison d’Hôtes, située dans un grand logis en pierre de Mantasoa, entouré d’un grand jardin et d’un verger particulièrement abondant. Les chambres sont spacieuses et...

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