About 20 km from Brickaville, Manambato is a small piece of paradise located on the Tamatave road. The site is of incomparable beauty, one of the most enchanting of the Malagasy East Coast. A stay in Manambato rhymes with beach, sun and nature.

Manambato is a village on the shores of Rasoabe Lake. Moreover, this lake and its fine sand beach make the splendor of the site. The lake is a major asset for the village as it is both a tourist attraction and a food reserve. Indeed, fishing is the main economic activity of the local population. The fish of the lake are to be appreciated and savored on the good tables of the hotels of the area. Athletes will also find their happiness because water sports are expanding on the site: kitesurfing, paragliding, ...

The village is crossed by the channel of Pangalanes, essential to regain splendid sites in the surroundings. Local tourist complexes offer boat trips along the canal, an essential step to admire the beauty of the landscape. The Pangalanes Canal was built around the beginning of the 20th century and it is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating human constructions of the time. It is bordered by thick vegetation in some places. Close to the bushy grasses line litchis plantations, cinnamon, vanilla, coffee, ... The flowering of these aromatic plants makes the landscape very colorful and plunge you into a world of intoxicating scents.

Manambato, a rich forest reserve

There is a dense vegetation everywhere in the locality: at the lake, along the beaches, ... A small cruise through the Rasoabe Lake and the Pangalanes Canal is the beginning of an idyllic expedition to discover the Akanin'ny nofy or "dream nest". Located on a peninsula, Ankanin'ny Nofy is an enchanting place where you can contemplate nature in all its beauty. Once there, a sense of freedom begins to take place.

The most famous attraction of Akanin'ny Nofy is the "Palmarium", a private reserve with nearly 100,000 endemic palms. In the middle of this palm forest grow other varieties of rare plants such as Dypsis, Orania, Lemurophoenix or Voanioala. Orchids, ravinala or traveler's tree and carnivorous plants are also part of it. The many guides present will not fail to bring more information on each species of the Palmarium.

The reserve also allows you to get to know the lemurs that live in freedom. There are about seven species including Indri Indri, the largest lemur in the world, Aye Aye, Maki, Sifaka or microcebus. Many species of amphibians and reptiles coexist in the Palmarium, thus ensuring a rich discovery of the Malagasy fauna.

Manambato is an exceptional and quality destination inviting to escape and relax. Walks on a beautiful beach of beauty, water sports as well as discovery of Malagasy fauna and flora are as many distractions that will brighten a stay in a setting both wild and natural.

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