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60 km north of Tamatave, Foulpointe is a resort of reference for a successful seaside holiday. Ideal for spending the weekend or for an extended stay, the city of Foulpointe offers a charming setting where relaxation will be the watchword.

Formerly a trading post for English settlers, the country was christened "Hopeful point" by the pirate Thomas White, then Frenchified in Foulpointe. She is known by the Malagasy name of Mahavelona or "where we wake up again". Today, it is a place where many visitors of different nationalities rub shoulders. The enchantment of the region lies not only in its beautiful beach but also through its very warm and friendly people, its culinary specialties as well as the know-how of local artisans.

The decor is fascinating and there is a certain harmony in the landscape despite the architectural contrasts. Some small villages with wooden houses and ravenalas roofs are erected alongside sumptuous villas and tourist buildings. Foulpointe is reputed to be an exceptional seaside resort. Its beach is protected by a coral reef, which allows a safe swimming and exploration. Strolling the fine sand of the beach provides an unusual well-being and walks by the sea are a real pleasure. Limited by the coral reef, the lagoon waters are of rare beauty and clarity, facilitating an optimal observation of the seabed.

Five kilometers from the town is a historic site that also deserves a visit. Foulpointe is home to one of the best preserved forts in the country. This is the Manda of King Radama I built in 1822 with the help of England. This fortress is strategically located in the heart of a lush forest of ravenalas and coconut trees, and was used at the time to defend the East Coast against a possible foreign invasion. Its architectural design is impressive and the building materials used quite unusual: a mixture of coral powder and stones bound by egg white is pierced by many guns. The top of the walls offers a panoramic view of the whole region and the Indian Ocean. The route of the galleries, corridors and secret passages of the site looks like an adventure in a maze.

Going to discover Foulpointe is an unforgettable stay. Sunbeds, walks and swimming are to be enjoyed under the sun and in a paradise setting. In short, a stay where escape and serenity are guaranteed!


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