The wealth of the poor

the wealth of madagascar

Madagascar is a poor country. Since I live in Madagascar I hear regularly but I never liked this way of seeing things. 

Above all, what is poverty?

By definition, poverty means <

What is the mood at the Deck?

If we look at this definition, yes Madagascar is poor. But this definition is made in a European climate for European living conditions by Europeans who have decided on a standard of living and above all a level of material that everyone must have! This is the point I renounce, because living in a house in Falafa without electricity or running water is not like living in a slum, it does not show a sign of poverty even if from the outside it can give 'impression.

Another fundamental difference that prevents the comparison of Madagascar with Europe is the principle of consumption. If no one had given us this definition of "poverty" in school, if nobody said "I have a nicer phone than you," "I have the last Nick out" and if the ads did not encourage us to always buy, would Europe think so? No doubt not.
Well all these '' if '' that I just said are the case in Madagascar. All this to say that we must not see Madagascar as another country but as another world!

Precisions: When I speak of Madagascar, Antananarivo is not included, this city represents all the European ideas that we gave to the Malagasy, nothing to do with life elsewhere on the territory of Madagascar.

Madagascar is a rich country

the wealth of madagascar

The Malagasy people are rich, far more than the majority of Europeans.

Have you ever wondered why Malagasy people always smile? They get up in the morning with a smile, go to work with a smile, come back at night with a smile. In 7 years in Madagascar I have very rarely seen a Malagasy pull a face like the French do all day ... Just because before all they enjoy life, they live the present moment instead of thinking about tomorrow, they do not care to imagine what their neighbors think and are not judging their neighbors either.

Yes they do not have TV, yes they do not have running water, yes they do not have a concrete house, yes they do not have a computer with internet access to play network, yes they do not think about a career plan, but they have things that the developed countries are losing more and more. The smile, the joy of life, friendship, family, traditions, human contact and all the little pleasures of life such as strolling on the beach, go fishing by pirogue, laze on the beach, etc ...

We love Madagascar because it remains a preserved and beautiful land, yet all say that it is necessary to '' develop ''. But what will development bring?
What we have in Europe, solid houses, running water, paved roads, low-income housing, factories, jobs, a standard of living higher than the current one, more money to buy a TV, a computer, mobile phones ... good things we are proud of in Europe yes, but if for his material things it is necessary that the Malagasy people lose his smile, his joy of life and his happiness, I am not sure that this in worth it ...

odio ipsum et, mi, Sed amet,


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