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Located on the coast of Capricorn, about twenty kilometers north of Tulear, Ifaty is a tourist destination of the first order. As in many parts of the island, seaside tourism and ecotourism are the main centers of interest.

Several Vezo villages form the Ifaty region. Fishing is a dominant activity and you will have the opportunity to meet fishing villages scattered near the lagoon that extends on the coast. A canoe trip through the village of Ambotsibotsike is very pleasant. You can also go on horseback, by bike or quad. This village is unique because of its impressive mangrove, to visit absolutely.

A visit to the village of Mangily is also needed. The villagers are very welcoming. There are many interesting excursions in the village. The beaches are superb and diversions such as diving or quad rides are developed. A detour into the forest of Mikea, named wild people of southern Madagascar, is unavoidable. The reserve of Doumergue, located next to Mangily, will make you discover the riches in flora and fauna endemic of the big island. Baobabs, cacti and thorny are the most represented plant species in the reserve.

At the exit of the Village of Mangily, the Reniala Nature Reserve is a prime place for lovers of Malagasy biodiversity. The reserve, with an area of 45 ha, includes a botanical trail, a bird sanctuary, an endemic turtle park, traditional huts where it is possible to stay, ... Baobabs and Pachypodiums are the dominant plant species of the reserve. The Malagasy fauna is represented by many species of insects, lizards and turtles. But birds are above all the reputation of the site. There are about forty endemic species including Tolohoranto, Naka and Jaky. Several tours are proposed to admire the riches contained in the reserve.

The lagoon along Ifaty and limited by a coral reef 100 km long is an ideal site for the practice of water sports. The beauty of the site also lies in the view offered by its turquoise waters on wild-looking corals. To walk the beach of fine sand and white is very pleasant. A fascinating spectacle is also offered by the ballet of the Vezo canoes that crisscross the lagoon. Indeed, they are captivating by their very colorful appearance. A ride in a dugout can fully appreciate the beauty of the reef. Diving is also an ideal activity to observe more closely the coral bottom rich in wildlife and colorful. A stopover at the Ranobe Lagoon is highly recommended for diving enthusiasts. The detour promises a very rich underwater discovery. A nearby lake is a rallying point for local wildlife and a quiet place to recharge.

North of Ifaty are other sites of exceptional beauty. Andavadoaka and Salary are at the level of beautiful bays where some fishermen have taken up residence. These sites are unique because they give the impression of being at the end of the world. The canoe is the best way to access it to admire the scenery and scenery overlooking the bays. Diving, camping, ... are all activities that will delight vacationers.

With the beauty of its shores and its reef and the friendliness that reigns there Ifaty is an unusual seaside destination. The region offers many distractions because in addition to its beaches, the Malagasy biodiversity is well represented through the reserves that must be visited.

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