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The locality of Anakao is located near the Tropic of Capricorn, about 38 Km from Tulear. Located beyond St. Augustine Bay, it is the most famous Vezo fishing village in the region. Anakao, this country with wild and picturesque landscapes, has everything to seduce. Off the Mozambique Channel, Anakao is marked by a historic discovery that dates from 1995. Indeed, it is in its waters that fishermen have found a specimen of coelanthe, unique in the world. It is a rare prehistoric fish which is today exposed to the oceanographic museum of Tulear

The city was born at the origin of the junction of semi-sedentary villages of Vezo fishermen and has expanded over the years. It was a stopping point for southern fishermen during their fishing trips. The migration of a part of the peoples of the Masikoro, Mahafaly and Imerina regions gave birth to a warm cosmopolitan population with more or less unusual traditions. However, it is important to respect local customs.

The landscapes are of intense beauty. At sunset, the Vezo canoes come back from fishing and line up on the beach. The view offered by these canoes painted red, blue, green and black under an orange sky is worthy of a postcard. In broad daylight, the clean and translucent waters of the lagoon invite to a pleasant swim. The lagoon is also a giant aquarium to explore absolutely. The site is ideal for a diving or snorkelling session, to discover the treasures of a tropical sea. Here, marine vegetation and multicolored fish coexist in a splendid turquoise scenery. The beach has a rather discreet charm but grazing the soft sand is a moment of pure relaxation.

Along the beach to the south of Anakao, the panorama opens on a succession of traditional huts of nomadic fishermen from the South, then on big white foundations. These are modern Vezo tombs. Further on, the track ends at a large Vezo cemetery. Here, the tombs, ancient and monumental, are built in superimposed stones. As in many parts of the island, ancestors occupy an important place. As a result, they deserve respectable and sumptuous homes, regardless of the appearance of the inhabitants. Moreover, the cemetery houses a phenomenal tomb 30 m long and 6 m wide. The burials of the dead are decorated with sails, oars or pieces of nets to remind that they have mostly lived at sea.

Excursions to the Nosy Ve and Nosy Satrana Islands are the most famous in the region. These small islands are beautiful and it is possible to camp there. The advantage is that these places are less crowded, so more conducive to relaxation. The surroundings are exceptional dive sites. The waters are calm and clear, facilitating the observation of the many species of fish and corals that populate them.

The island of Nosy Ve is 3 km west of Anakao. This historic site was a maritime base for slave traders, pirates and traders for centuries. Towards the end of the 19th century, France installed representatives there. Remains of this period are still visible on the site: the graves of the French, an impressive size anchor, the basins of the French residence, ... The place is also sacred. Many "fady" are attached to it. The green scenery houses squares of "tromba", a cult of reincarnation and possession.

Bordered by a long sandy beach, Nosy Ve is almost deserted. It is home to a unique bird colony in Madagascar: the straw-tail, also called "red-tailed phaeton". They hide all over the island to lay eggs and hatch. The site attracts researchers from around the world who come to observe and study this famous bird species. In fact, apart from Reunion, Nosy Ve is one of the only sites that serves as a haunt for straws in the southern hemisphere. The site is also ideal for whale watching along the coast during the austral winter.

Walking south of Anakao, we land on the island of Satrana. Herons are the main occupants of this almost deserted island. The soil is dotted with limestone debris similar to broken eggs. It is in fact fossilized pieces of eggs of aepyornis, the giant ancestor of the ostrich. The beauty of the island lies in its beautiful endless beaches and lagoon. The prevailing heat and the beauty of the waters encourage swimming and scuba diving.

We will understand, we do not come to Anakao to discover lush vegetation. An infinity of beautiful beaches, translucent turquoise waters, deserted spaces and a welcoming population make all the charm of this destination. Diving, snorkelling and even surfing are among the many possibilities offered by the surrounding lagoons. Those who are looking for immensity, a little loneliness and calm will find their happiness in Anakao. Everything is there to perfect a stay combining discovery, sport and relaxation.


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