Precautions to take for your health during your trip to Madagascar

Once you have made the decision to discover the beautiful island of Madagascar, there are some points to remember, so that your trip is as pleasant as possible. Some simple but useful precautions.

Food and drinks
Madagascar is a tropical country with sometimes precarious economic conditions, and the health environment is not the same as in Europe. The first precaution to take is to pay attention to what you eat and drink, especially at the beginning of your stay. For example, it's enough to drink sealed bottled water, easy to find and cheap. Outside big cities or in the bush, it is also better to brush your teeth with bottled water. Prefer boiled vegetables, or if you want to eat raw fruits or vegetables, wash and peel with clean hands.

Heat and little animals
In humid or hot areas, attention must be paid to ambient humidity and heat. Drying well after a shower and wearing light, loose cotton clothing prevents skin damage. Avoid tight shoes as blisters or foot injuries could get infected. On the beaches and in the shower, it is better to keep your plastic flip flops. Antimalarial treatment is essential, except in winter in the Central Highlands. Carry insect repellent lotions. When camping, inspect your tent before sleeping: there are no poisonous snakes, but in some areas scorpions, tarantulas or other centipedes could be dangerous.

Other health precautions
Do not forget to inquire about essential vaccinations before departure. Remember to bring a small pharmacy, with an antivomitive and antinauseant in case of motion sickness, an antibiotic, a skin disinfectant and a sunscreen. Some dressings and an analgesic could also be useful. Even if the prevalence rate of STDs and AIDS are low compared to the rest of the African continent, all the precautions of use are to be taken. The conditions for the development of sex tourism are unfortunately met in Madagascar. Before leaving, subscribe to a good personal insurance and on arrival, equip yourself with a beautiful Malagasy artisanal hat!

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