Taxi Brousse: typical mode of transport in Madagascar

taxi bush-madagascar

Among the various modes of transport in Madagascar, the bush taxi is the most popular. It connects the big cities, but also the villages located in the bush, because the trains are practically nonexistent, in the big island.

In general, carriers use minibuses for long journeys. The 404 tarpaulins, 504 station wagons, Tata buses or Mercedes trucks are very practical for journeys on roads in very bad condition.

Travel by Taxi-bush

Traveling to Madagascar in Taxi-bush is an experience not to be missed when one stay in Madagascarbecause such trips offer the opportunity to rub shoulders with the local population and to live moments out of the ordinary. It is an effective way of knowing the local culture.

The vehicles are always crowded. The concept of proximity then makes sense when traveling by this type of transport. People carry all kinds of poultry, vegetables, etc. Indeed, these vehicles serve for a tourist service, but also for trade.

Luxury bush taxis

For some time now, new types of transport have appeared. This is luxury taxis-bush. For the moment, they only connect Antananarivo-Morondava and Morondava-Majunga, located in the western part of the island. The trip is made during the day and not at night, in order to better guarantee the safety of the passengers. The number of passengers is smaller than traditional bush taxis.

The advantage of these luxury bush taxis lies in greater freedom of movement during your trip to Madagascar. In addition, meals and snacks are served in the vehicle.

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