I take my children to Nosy Be!

Family trip to nosy be madagascar

Going on holidays with children, not always a small business because the activities popular with adults are not always to their liking, so not always easy to find a destination that will please them.

Nosy Be is small, it is possible to do many things as a couple, friends and of course family! We discovered in a previous article the activities for young people, discover here the best things to do with family in Nosy Be

Discover the fauna and flora

Lokobe park nosy be

Madagascar is the country known to have the most endemic species in the world, it would be a shame not to discover the youngest: Lemur, chameleons, butterflies, turtles, zebus, crocodiles, snakes, Bernard Hermit, etc ... Flora side, you will not be left behind with more than 13000 endemic plants, the best known are orchids, frangipani, poinsettia, without forgetting thetraveler's tree, the Ylang Ylang, the hibiscus, butterfly that you can discover:

the Lokobe Park, the only protected national nature reserve of Nosy Be, accessible after a ride in a dugout canoe since a departure from Ampasipohy, this reserve will give you an overall overview of the fauna and flora where your children will be able to observe the diurnal lemurs like the maki macaco and nocturnes, the world's smallest lemur in the name of Microcèbe Mignon, observable only at the end of the afternoon with a specialized guide.

Lemurien in Nosy Be

To the cascade, with its floristic decor, the place vaguely remembers the island of Reunion. It is possible to swim there and if your children are motivated, you can accompany them with the children of the island who have fun doing acrobatics from the waterfall

cascade nosy be

On the'Isle of Komba which houses a small animal park where animals are free. A hike is offered to those who want to discover beyond the park. Exactly,

If you go in the direction of Mont Passotyou will not miss the sacred lakes where crocodiles live. According to legend, crocodiles are said to be former inhabitants. Accompanied by a guide, you will know some stories of Nosy Be and also the good places to discover crocodiles.

view mont passot

AT Nosy iranja, with a little luck you will witness the birth of turtles, an unforgettable experience for you and your children! Iranja can also be visited on 2 days via a bivouac

Iranja & nosy be original

This is the first time that I make a counter communication but I can not not say it. NOSY ANTSOA: If there is a place or not to go, this is the island. The island itself is very beautiful, but for the pleasure of tourists, some people imported Lemurs while this island was served. What does this give? Lemurs in a gilded jail WITHOUT FOOD who are dying slowly because living only food brought by the tourists, which made them aggressive at the arrival of tourists because they are hungry.  

Exploring the seabed with his children

snorkeling nosy be

Nosy Be being an archipelago composed of ten islands and isletsThere is plenty to do, not to mention that the Mozambique Channel is not very busy, the sea is always calm. On the marine fauna side, you will not be disappointed with translucent lagoons with a visibility of several tens of meters, more than 1000 species to discover including barracuda, eagle rays, lizard fish, scorpion fish.

In palm - mask and snorkels, the essential place is Nosy Tanikely , ideal for young children, a marine reserve with a lagoon a few meters deep only on the first edge. To discover more places, read our article the most beautiful snorkeling spots on the island !

Via a marine safari to discover the dolphins and green turtles of Sakatia a few meters from the beach.

If your stay is in August - September, your children will have the chance to see one of the greatest shows in the world, a sea monster over 14 tons jump out of the water, to observe during a whale safari

Do you go in October - November? Your children will be thrilled if you take them swimming with a whale sharks, totally harmless!

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Want to eat your feet in the sand? I propose you on a bay in Nosy sakatia!

Get to know the inhabitants

Visit hell city nosy be

Although you are temporarily staying in Nosy Be, it is always good to know the people around you. With your children, discover and rub shoulders with local residents, the nosybéens are known for their friendly welcome.

Some places your children might enjoy:

  • Green N Kool: this cultural center in Hell-City will be for children "the coolest place in the world". Chair made from old tires, or old barrels, the place can only awaken his imagination.
  • Handicraft village in Dzamandzar: you will see live craftsmanship in wood carving, or painting.
  • Domaine de florette : on the road to Mont Passot, your children will be able to find comfort in a nature filled with flowers and green plant.
  • Horse ride : kids love horses. And to ride on horseback, you can go to Ambaro Ranch, an establishment that deals only with horses.

Horseback riding in Nosy Be

And for a stay in immersion, a cruise outside Nosy Be, another way of knowing the life of villagers who live off the beaten track, far from civilization. The only one to offer this type of discovery to Nosy Be is Alefa. On board its dhows, discover places of Madagascar completely out of time inaccessible by road

Discover our offer of family stay

Discover the history of Nosy Be

Visit hell city nosy be

Nosy Be preserves many stories and legends that you can discover during your visits to historical sites. A must-see place is Marodoka, the first village of Nosy Be or you can visit haunted house, cemetery and the CNRO museum or you will discover all the marine species existing in the waters of Nosy Be as well as the different types of fishing practiced during the years, including those currently prohibited and why. But the most interesting thing about this museum, I think, is Sarimanok, an old Malaysian boat having failed on Ambatoloaka beach carrying many people: Asian, European. A model of the boat is stored in the museum and its history.

CNRO museum nosy be

You also have a site that marks the story of Nosy Be: the sacred tree of Mahatsinjo. By visiting this place, you will be amazed by the diversity of vegetation that has flourished nearly a millennium. It is also the best moment of meeting Jean-Jacques, one of the last guardians of the legends of Nosy Be. This history buff could tell you all the stories of the island.

Sacred tree nosy be

Create memories

Safari whale in Nosy Be

For unforgettable memories, nothing beats pictures. Mont Passot is a mandatory passage. Unveiling all the scenery of Nosy Be 360 °, you have in addition a unique spectacle of a sunset that is renewed every day. We can also talk about the beach of Andilana, mythical beach of Nosy Be.

What to pay for auntie, granny and twins? Embroidered tablecloth, African paintings, necklace of seeds or shells, essential oils based on Ylang-Ylang, in short everything that reminds Nosy Be. You can see everywhere, mainly Madirokely, Nosy Komba and Dzamandzar, discover the souvenir shops from the island.

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