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To better prepare your stay, make an appointment or stay in touch with your family or colleagues without disturbing them at any time, you wonder what time it is in Madagascar.

What time is it in Mada?

Madagascar is on UTC + 3. It falls into the category EAT (East Afrikans Time), Eastern European Sumer Time (EEST) and MSK (Moscow Time).

Quel est le décalage horaire par rapport à l'Europe ?

Contrary to what one can presume, considering the 12 hours of flight which separates him from Madagascar, there is however little time difference between them. You will suffer more from climate change or fatigue of flying hours than jet lag.

The time difference will depend on the change of summer time or European winter, because Madagascar, it remains on the same time zone.

  • At summer time in Europe, which usually starts at the end of March, Madagascar is only 1 hour away.
  • In the European winter time, towards the end of October, Madagascar is at + 2 hours.
Quel est le décalage horaire pour les grandes villes ?

Some examples where the time of Madagascar is in advance:

  • +1 hour from South Africa (if it is 12 pm in South Africa, it is 1 pm in Madagascar),
  • +8 hours from Quebec and the US East Coast in winter (+7 in summer),
  • +11 hours from the US Pacific coast in winter (+10 in summer).

Some examples where the Malagasy time is late:

  • -1 hour from Reunion and Mauritius (if it is 12 o'clock in Reunion, it is 11 o'clock in Madagascar),
  • -4 hours from Thailand
  • - 5 heures de Hong Kong et de Singapour.

For reference

These few countries are on the same UTC + 3 as Madagascar: Moscow (Russia), Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Mayotte (France), Kenya, Turkey, etc.

If for some reason, you never know, you must ask the time in Malagasy, we say "amin'ny firy izao azafady? Say "amine fir zaou azafade? The last vowels are mute. Good luck if you answer in Malagasy, if not ask the numbers by hand. But more seriously, the majority will be able to answer you in French.

Did you know ?

In today's borderless world, the time is measured against the Meridian 0 which corresponds to the English city of Greenwich. The GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) system follows the solar time. That is, it is noon in Greenwich when the sun reaches its highest point, and the rest of the world makes its little calculation from that.
However, the sun's course is not a reliable reference because the rotation of the Earth is not constant (movement of the Earth's core, melting ice and force of the tides). The GMT system is therefore variable. If it is still used by abuse of language, it is no longer official since 1972 and replaced the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). The latter uses an atomic clock system with more or less seconds to stay synchronized with the natural time.

In short, the UTC and the GMT is almost the same thing, within a few minutes, because they use the same reference: the time zone 0. Even if you did not want a physics course, but just know the local time when your plane takes off, I just wanted to make the small clarification, because the two terms can sometimes be confusing. In any case, it happened to me!

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