Avoid the harm of transport during your trip to Madagascar

Madagascar is a big island full of treasures that you will have the pleasure to discover through the tourist circuits. So that your trip to this island goes smoothly, here are some tips to combat the motion sickness.

Prevent motion sickness during long-haul flight!

The motion sickness is a barrier to a good holiday. Indeed, people who do not support long journeys can not fully appreciate their holidays. If you travel to Madagascarit is therefore essential to take the necessary steps to solve this problem. There are also several solutions to reduce or eliminate the motion sickness caused by the permanent movement during the journey. This discomfort is manifested by migraine, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and hypoglycaemia.

The flight to come to Madagascar from France still lasts 12 hours. Thus, the choice of the place is indispensable. A comfortable, fixed seat will prevent your body from moving too much. Places near the wings of the aircraft, if possible at the window are recommended for people who do not support theplanebecause the body must be located in time and space to reduce nausea, especially during take-off and landing. For internal flights, the routes are shorter and the scenery is beautiful, there should be no problem.

How to fight the evil of transport by car?

On tourist circuits, such as the south or east, car trips for several hours a day are unavoidable. For the trip to go well, you have to sit in front of you to set the road, because the turns are sometimes steep, especially on the RN7 to Antsirabe and before entering Fianarantsoa. This also concerns the RN2 bound for Tamatave. An hour before departure, you can also take diphenhydrate, nautamine, dimenhydrinate or promethazine available in pharmacies. These drugs will reduce nausea and you will feel light and serene to appreciate the beautiful landscapes of the country.

It is not recommended for people who have trouble with the transport to read or watch TV in the car during the trip, because it tires the eyes and promotes nausea and vomiting. Enjoy group games and songs or listen to your favorite music tracks that you have already selected and recorded in your MP3 or iPod. Do not hesitate to take breaks to stretch your legs or to photograph the fabulous landscapes of the island. The trip will not seem so long and you will be less tired once you reach your destination.

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