Where to eat during a stay in Antananarivo?

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A transit through the Malagasy capital is an opportunity to taste the culinary specialties of the big island in charming settings. Take a seat around a table offering the delights of the soil according to your budget and your desires of discoveries.

Spontaneous cooking in the heart of the city

The downtown neighborhoods, from Analakely to Anosy, are full of good places for those who love fine, light but tasty food. Around Lake Anosy recognizable by its heart shape, lovers of good food will easily enjoy. A few steps from the Avenue de l'Indépendance, restaurants with gourmet recipes await visitors. Mostly extended balconies under the arcades, these establishments also suggest typical pastries, including the famous "mofo gasy", a cake made from rice flour and flavored with vanilla.

Chef's restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the city

The inventive gastronomy of the restaurants near the Ivato airport will seduce the finest palates. Offering both a traditional menu and European slate dishes, these addresses are also popular for their calm and privacy. The dishes made from fresh products come from the majority of traditional farms around. These chefs' restaurants are also included in prestigious hotels where full-service laundry, room service, transfers and excursions captivate visitors beyond the comfort of the rooms.

Fast food and high quality in Antananarivo

Snacks, sandwiches, pizzerias and ice cream parlors can be counted in the city center or in the suburbs. On the road to the University of Antananarivo, foreign and local visitors will meet to taste the chef's pizzas and scented ice creams in the evening and during the day. In the "Latin Quarter" of Isoraka, snacks have a garden or pool area for the happiness of families.

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