Hôtels à Betanty - Madagascar

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Betanty - False Cape - Madagascar

Hotel Le Cactus is run by Marie Zela and her family. A thousand natural curiosities to discover. To start with...

BP 89 - Betanty "False Cape" - Madagascar

On the Dune, facing the lagoon, the hotel Libertalia has established its 7 stone bungalows. The bungalows have a large bed ...

Learn more about Betanty

If we know that Madagascar is an immense island, we will not be surprised to discover destinations that very few guides mention. However, Betanty is one of those Malagasy destinations that are often mentioned, but which in the end is only known by a small number of lucky people. Betanty is a small village located at the southern end of Madagascar, a few tens of kilometers from Cape St. Mary, the southernmost tip of the Big Island.