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Ampangorina, 207 Ampangorinana - Madagascar

Ilo Village is located on the island of Nosy Komba, the small island southeast of Nosy Be, in Ampangorina ...
Starting at 35 €

Nosy Komba Antrema, 207 Anjiabe - Madagascar

Domaine de Tahina is located in Anjiabe on the island Nosy Komba located 3km from Ankify Port on the ...

Village of Ampangorinana Nosy Komba Island BP 365 - Nosy Be 207 - Madagascar

Working group, many family and friends can now enjoy a very good price formula for a holiday ...

Nosy Komba Island - Madagascar

Caring Luxury Ecolodge of Madagascar Emotions and life-size sensations for a dream holiday ... Tsara Komba Lodge **** is ...

West of Nosy Komba - Madagascar

An independent and comfortable house of 100 m² located on the west coast of Nosy Komba in the heart of a lush ...

Nosy Komba - Madagascar

Welcome to paradise or few places can rival the panoramic view of Shot Cottages as well as these warm services. Nestled in ...

Nosy komba - Madagascar

Chez Remo and Bérénice is a small bed and breakfast located in the south of the marvelous island of Nosy komba ...
Starting at € 58

Nosy Komba - Madagascar

15 minutes by boat from Nosy-Be, on a small beach on the west coast of Nosy Komba, this ecolodge offers ...

Anjiabe beach BP 1674 - Madagascar

Mahafaly Lodge is located on the western side of Nosy Komba in the beach of Anjiabé.Small warm and confidential address with 4bungalows ...

Anjiabe - 207 - Madagascar

The Clarita Gardens is managed by Clarita, the owner herself. She invites you to stay in "The Gardens of Clarita" ...

Andrekareka - Madagascar

Villa Beryl is of a decidedly ecological design and lives from nature. All the comfort it offers is provided by ...

Nosy Komba - Madagascar

Accessible only by sea with 30 minutes ride from the port of Hell-City to Nosy-Be.Komba forever offers two charming bungalows ...
Starting at € 58

BP 479 Anjiabe - Madagascar

Less known than its neighbor Nosy Bé, but so different, the paradise island of Nosy Komba, offers everything a traveler ...

Ambatomitsangana - Madagascar

Located in a cove, next to a beautiful beach, away from mass tourism, whether you are sporty, adventurous, drive ...

Ampangorina - Madagascar

At Madame Madio's, the bungalows are simple and clean. Ideal for families, couples or even one person.You will have the ...

Village of Ampangorina - Madagascar

At Léontine you have the choice between - 2 bungalows on one level. Each Bungalow can accommodate up to 2 people and ...

Nosy Komba - Madagascar

On the beach, in the village, Yolande and Jean Paul welcome you in one of their bungalows ...

Ampangorina (Main village) - Madagascar

15 minutes by boat from Nosy Bé, the Maki-lodge, a small wonder inn, located in Nosy Komba in the village of Ampangorina, five ...
Starting from 50 €

Nosy Komba - Madagascar

293 On Komba is proud to create a warm and inviting experience for each guest, where they can feel ...

Ampangorina BP 107 - Madagascar - Madagascar

Charming hotel in Nosy Komba
This good hotel plan in Nosy Komba is proposed is proposed directly by Floraly who contacted me, without further ado I am left pen.
Starting at 25 €
The first "camping" of Nosy Be!
This good plan "camping" is offered directly by Akiba who contacted me, being the first to offer a more accessible accommodation is with pleasure that I let them speak

Ampangorina - Madagascar

Learn more about Nosy Komba

Twenty minutes from Nosy Be by canoe, Nosy Komba has a diameter of 8 kilometers. The traditional village of Ampagorina is one of the tourist attractions of the island. This is where you will discover the most beautiful embroidery of Nosy Be.

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