Hotels in Manambato - Madagascar

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Manambato - Madagascar

A furnished tourism located in Manambato Beach, feet in the water, and a sandy beach, unique.

Manambato - Madagascar

To appreciate all the attractions of Manambato is to plan a stay in Rasoa Beach. Enjoying an exceptional location on the banks ...

Between Manambato - Ampanotoamaizima - Madagascar

Ony hotel is located in a unique and protected site. Once on site, you will discover the individual bungalows which are ...

Manambato Lake Rasoabe - Pangalanes Canal - Madagascar

The hotel has 15 original bungalows entirely made of natural and comfortable local materials. The bungalows are inspired by traditional architecture but with ...
Starting from 21 €

Manambato - Madagascar

In terms of accommodation, a myriad of choices are offered to travelers at the Espace Vacances Andrianina Manambato. Four types of ...

ndranokoditra, 1 hour from Manambato - Madagascar

In symbiosis with the surrounding nature, the Orchids of Andranokoditra is an ecolodge which deserves the detour on the eastern coast ...

Manambato - Madagascar

Manambato is a paradise on earth with its most beautiful beach and its fine white sands lined with coconut palms. During a...

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About 20 km from Brickaville, Manambato is a small piece of paradise located on the Tamatave road. The site is of incomparable beauty, one of the most enchanting of the Malagasy East Coast. A stay in Manambato rhymes with beach, sun and nature.

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