Hôtels à Joffreville - Madagascar

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Joffreville - Madagascar

The altitude of the Fontenay estate, at 760 meters above sea level, ensures a healthy and ...

Amber Mountain Joffreville BP 795 Diégo Suarez Madagascar - Madagascar

Nature Lodge is located in Joffreville, 30 km from Diego Suarez, with a breathtaking view of the bay, ...
Starting at 90 €

Joffre City - Madagascar

Charming guest house located at the foot of Amber Mountain 6 spacious rooms and beautiful refined decorations, as well as ...

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Sanctuary of nature unfortunately in danger, Madagascar has erected the best preserved regions in national parks or nature reserves, in order to preserve a unique biodiversity in the world. Joffreville, about thirty kilometers south of the city of Antsiranana, is a privileged entry point to the Montagne d'Ambre National Park.