Sea & Water Sports in Madagascar

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Si vous êtes de ceux qui ne veulent pas d’un voyage classique, trouvez votre dose d’adrénaline en bravant les rivières...
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For more adrenaline, Mantasoa offers all kinds of water sports Jet-ski or one for 3 ...
Activity proposed by Live Madagascar
Is this not the first reason to come to Mantasoa? Enjoy its huge lake in: Barque à ...
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The whale shark comes to feed in the waters of Nosy Be between the months of October and December. Totally harmless, he's waiting for you ...
Activity proposed by Tanguy
Every year, from July to October, hundreds of humpback whales pass in our warm and translucent waters in Nosy Be, magical moments to discover and share!
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With friends and family, a sea safari day, be it in Sakatia or Iranja is a must during your stay in Nosy Be! 
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Island known for its exuberant nature and unique in the world, Madagascar is also known for its many sandy beaches ...
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Less well-publicized than Sainte Marie for whale watching, Ifaty is nevertheless the meeting place for whales in June ...
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The humpback whales, or "megaptera novaeangliae" have very long pectoral fins. They have the particularity ...
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Like a jewel, the Emerald Sea is delicately revealed after a boat trip of about 30 minutes ... For a ...
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The name "Nosy Be" means "big island" in Malagasy language. Nosy Be is an island of about ...
Activity proposed by Adventure Blue Vision
If diving is a must in Nosy Be for all lovers of marine life, we usually go to the southern spots because all the clubs are nearby. A lonely club, Adventure Blue Vision, decided to settle in the North and thus offers spots where no one goes!
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Safari Whale is the first to have organized trips to meet cetaceans, whale sharks and turtles from the Nosy Be region.
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The Nautilus center offers snorkeling and stand up for the whole family, let yourself be guided among the fish in a fantastic setting
Activity proposed by Live Madagascar
Between the barracudas, Thazards, bonito, red carp, tuna, captains, marlins (November to June), groupers, caranges, billfish (June to December) without forgetting of course the Swordfish (April to November) your outings have all chances to be hectic
Activity proposed by Live Madagascar
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