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In Nosy Be, her name sounds new to our ears and yet she is already known in other countries: the subwing! Recently integrated in Nosy Be, subwing is one of the most entertaining activities in the world. Notably in Norway where a few years ago, it was specially designed "for launching with killer whales".

Be towed under the water, fun!

Subwing nosy be

If you've ever done water skiing, you already know the feeling of being towed by a boat out of the water. But how will you feel when you are pulled under the water in apnea? Subwing is exactly that! "A fun and simple way to discover the sea differently, while having fun. ".

Composed of two removable wings, resembling turtle legs, the Subwing finds its particularity in its maneuverability. The goal is to direct the wings at ease, from top to bottom or from left to right. In addition to being fun, it is very functional for people wishing to do scientific work, such as the census of green turtles and hawksbill turtles in Nosy Be, performed by Mada Megafauna.

Subwing in Nosy Be

Practicable under the waters of Nosy Be (except at Tanikely to preserve the marine fauna and flora), the Subwing can be used from the moment when the visibility of the water is good. Nosy Iranja is the best place to do this activity because of these translucent waters, and also because it has a beautiful natural aquarium consisting of reefs, fish and turtles. We will also mention Sakatia where you can meet unexpected encounters such as turtles, rays and dolphins.

Subwing, it can be learned!

As a reminder, the goal of Subwing is to be towed by a boat with a speed of 4 to 10 km / h. Before proceeding to practice, a briefing is provided at each session to remind the rules and uses of Subwing. Some precautions are to be expected:

  • Manage your breathing well
  • Do not tense up (panic attack)
  • Make a precise sign to the monitor (point raised in the air) in case of fatigue or to stop the journey.
  • Know how to swim

For those who want to learn this new sensational sport in Nosy Be, it can be done two by two or solo, if you are accompanied by a specialized guide. During the session, apprentices will have the support of a watcher who will ensure that they have no problem.

Moreover, there is no age to make Subwing, even children of 9 years and adults over 50 can contribute to this fun activity. With the condition

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