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Diego Suarez - Madagascar

Ambilobe Road, Pk7 Scama - Madagascar

Ramena Beach - Madagascar

Village Ramena - Madagascar

Colbert Street - Madagascar

BP 183 Pk 4 Route of Ramena 201 - Madagascar

201 Diègo Suarez - Madagascar

Sakalava Bay Diégo Suarez - Madagascar

Starting from 50 €

Boulevard of Liberty - Madagascar

19, Rue de la Marne - Madagascar

Starting at 17 €

between the city of Diégo Suarez - Madagascar

Ankorikakely, Pk 13 - Madagascar

Starting from 70 €

Diego Suarez - Madagascar

Baie de Rigny, Ambolobozokely - Madagascar

Baie des Cailloux Blancs - Madagascar

Philbert Tsiranana Avenue - Madagascar

Starting from 30 €

Rigault Antsiranana Street - Madagascar

Starting from 30 €

Surcouf Street - BP 194 Antsiranana I 201 - Madagascar

Village of Mahamasina, East Entrance of the Ankarana Reserve - Madagascar

Avenue Villaret Joyeuse - Madagascar

8 rue Sadi-Carnot Place Kabary Diego - Madagascar

Starting at 25 €

9, Rue Louis Brunet - Madagascar

46, rue Colbert - Madagascar

Mozambique Street Antsiranana 201 - Madagascar

47 bis, Rue Colbert - Madagascar

PK 3 Ramena Road 201 - Madagascar

21, Boulevard de la Liberte - Madagascar

13 Rue Freppel 201 - Madagascar

8 Km from the center of Diego-Suerez - Madagascar

North of Diégo Suarez - Madagascar

26 rue Colbert - Madagascar

IHarana - Diego Suarez - Madagascar

5 rue Richelieu - Diégo-Suarez - MADAGASCAR - Madagascar

41 Rue Robert - Madagascar

Starting at 11 €

Crossroads of Montcalm and Sylvain Roux Streets - Madagascar

51, rue Colbert 201 - Madagascar

Starting at 40 €

Ramena - Madagascar

Starting at 33 €

65, Rue Colbert - Madagascar

13 boulevard Francis Sautron - Madagascar

Angle Rigault and Left Streets - Madagascar

78 Bis, Rue Colbert - Madagascar

illage Mahamasina (2 hours from Diego Suarez) - Madagascar

Anse de la Dordogne - Madagascar

Boulevard Bascilles, Antsiranana - Madagascar

Starting at 75 €

Pk2 Ramena Road - Madagascar

67 rue Colbert - Madagascar

270 LE bis LAZARET SUD - Madagascar

Ramena Beach - Madagascar

11 LAVIGERIE STREET Diego-Suarez 201 - Madagascar

Antanamitarana PK 12, RN 6 - Madagascar

Rue du Vengeur, facing the Alliance Française - Madagascar

5 Rue Lally Tollendal - BP 182 - Madagascar

Ramena beach, 70 m from the sea - Madagascar

Nosy Andatsara - Madagascar

PK 2 Ramena Road - Madagascar

Pierre LAMAR 07, Fontenoy Street, Kabary Square - Madagascar

8b rue du General Chanzy - Madagascar

Babaomby -Diégo Suarez - Madagascar

Ankarana - Diego Suarez - Madagascar

RN6-PK106 Mahamasina, Ambilobe road - Madagascar

Rue Richelieu BP 97 Antsiranana - Madagascar

Abakao Beach - Mahavanona Antsiranana - Madagascar

Starting from 30 €

Road of Ramena, PK 16 - Madagascar

Near the center - Madagascar

Rue Villaret Joyeuse, Tanambao - Madagascar

35, rue François de Mahy - Madagascar

The doany - Madagascar

Surcouf Street - Madagascar

24, rue François de Mathy - Madagascar

ankify, at Nosy Tanikely - Madagascar

On the place Foch - Madagascar

near the center - Madagascar

6, rue Suffren - Madagascar

Learn more about Diego-Suarez

Capital of northern Madagascar and third port of the island after Tamatave and Majunga, Diego-Suarez is a must-see destination to appreciate the beauty of the island. Located 400 km from the Comoros Islands and 1173 km from Antananarivo, Antsiranana is a real gem that requires a long stay to discover all the treasures it contains.

A city with many cultural facets

In Diego there is a special and very pleasant atmosphere with beautiful beaches stretching as far as the eye can see and where beautiful natural sites attract visitors. The bay of Diego, with a circumference of 156 km made the popularity of this destination. This is one of the most beautiful in the world and also one of the largest after Rio. The bay of Diego used to be a haven for pirates who had taken control of this part of the island. The name of the city results from the combination of the names of two European navigators who stopped there around the sixteenth century. The first was Diego Diaz, a Portuguese navigator, followed by Admiral Suarez a few years later. Diego is a city rich in history and whose control succeeded pirates, traders and slave traders over the centuries preceding the colonial period. The city is rather "multicolored" because many cultures rub shoulders there and it owns the most cosmopolitan population of the island.

The beauty of the beaches and bays of Diego-Suarez

All around Diégo stretch very beautiful sandy beaches facing a crystal clear sea. The easiest access, Ramena Beach, is about 20 km east of the city. On this beach, protected by a coral reef, it is possible to practice all water sports. Alongside this, the Emerald Sea is a must in the region. It offers a fascinating panorama and with the transparency and turquoise color of the sea.I think it is in Polynesia.The three bays, namely the Bay of Dunes, the Pigeons and the Sakalava Bay are beautiful wild landscapes. The quad bike or mountain bike tour is very entertaining. The bay of Sakalava is the largest of the three and one can practice water sports there. Between Sakalava Bay and the Pigeons Bay, we dive into a forest of Pachypodiums and xerophilic species. Pigeon Bay owes its name to the innumerable pigeons and quails living in the dense forest that once covered the area. The Bay of Dunes stretches on a superb landscape, ideal place to relax and forget the stress.

Tourist sites of interest

The area contains countless aspects and landscapes to discover including Windsor Castle, 391 m high rock that served as an observation post occupied by local soldiers. This site offers a landscape of great beauty and the trail leads to the Bay of Courier where is a beautiful beach, an ideal place for relaxation. This bay is at the meeting of two small fishing villages: Ampasindava and Ilomotro. In addition to the fact that the region is home to the massive Tsaratanana massif of 2874 m, one of the highest on the island, the "Montagne des Français" is also an interesting natural site to visit. It culminates at an altitude of 426 meters and offers a magnificent climbing route of about one hour, during which you can admire baobabs, aloes, various birds and lizards. At the top, the panorama opens on the bay of Antsiranana. The Montagne des Français is 10 minutes from Diego by taxi and the best season to go there is from June to November. The visit of Amber Mountain National Park is to be scheduled if you are staying in Diego. The park, consisting mainly of a dense rainforest, is 35 km to the southwest

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