Meet the humpback whales on a responsible whale safari

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Safari whale in Nosy Be
Every year, from July to October, hundreds of humpback whales pass in our warm and translucent waters in Nosy Be, magical moments to discover and share!

The humpback whales at Nosy Be

It's a fantastic show: whether it's a mother / calf or adult groups, humpback whales often reward us with their legendary acrobatics, whether it be the mischief to charm its charming young ladies or the moms who teach their little ones to jump ... This last is my most beautiful memory ...

Whale safaris have been developing in Nosy Be for a few years, several establishments and service providers offer this experience but I recommend you to board with professionals who respect the charter of good conduct (rules of approach, respect distances ...), go watching them is one thing, annoying them and hurting them another ...

Viewing conditions in Nosy Be

Safari whale in Nosy Be

The climatic and navigational conditions, particularly good at this time, further favor the observation of these mammals. During a whale safari day you can observe:

  • Monster jumps of more than 15 m for 40 tons
  • Breaths up to 6 m
  • Fields that are heard under water up to 15 km, if you scuba dive bottles you will probably hear them

A whale safari day, what does it look like?

Safari whale in Nosy Be

8:30 am: Departure from Nosy Be
8h30 to 12h30: Morning dedicated to the research and the observation of the humpback whales.
13h00: Meal on the beach of Nosy Sakatia Island
2:30 pm: Webbed on the reef or on the meadows to observe green turtles
3:30 pm: Back to Nosy Be
You will observe well on humpback whales, but also Bryde's whales, Omura's whales, Long-billed dolphins, Thursiop dolphins, Green turtles

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