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The name "Nosy Be" means "big island" in Malagasy language. Nosy Be is an island of about 321 km², in the large bay of Ampasindava, off the northwestern coast of Madagascar. Its chief town is Hell-Ville, a charming town of about 30,000 inhabitants. It is nicknamed "the perfume island" because of its many fields of coffee and especially ylang ylang. Nosy Be is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Madagascar. Its beautiful landscapes of wooded hills and green plains, as well as hundreds of kilometers of wild beaches give a real dimension to the words "scenery" and "adventure".

Nosy Be is also a beautiful seaside site with authentic villages and beautiful white sand beaches, bordered by a warm and transparent sea. Fishing enthusiasts come from many countries around the world to fish in Nosy Be. The tropical climate and warm waters of the Mozambique Channel favor the presence of plankton and therefore cetaceans and other large plankton fish. One of the attractions of Nosy Be for fishermen is that you can practice your favorite sport almost all year round, except for the hurricane season.

Fishing spots and different species of fish

In Nosy Be, you can practice the different techniques of fishing by boat: throwing popper, small and large train, jigging, large handcuffs, drifting posed. Moreover, it often happens that one practices different techniques in the same day, according to the season, the tides and the climatic conditions. Only a few miles from the coast of Nosy Be, you can find several "spots" fishing as the Little Castor Bench, the Camel Bench or the Banc de la Licorne. Further offshore, the "spots" such as the Leven, the Big Snake Bench or the Grand Castor Bench, accessible by catamaran or fast boat, will satisfy the real passionate.

The waters of Nosy Be are home to several species of fish, to mention only the jack fish, and especially the sailing swordfish. These two species are the most sought after. Among your catch, you will also find about fifteen varieties of jacks, about sixty different groupers, sharks, barracudas, snappers, several varieties of tunas and jobs, amberjacks and other tropical liches, to mention only those -the. In Nosy Be, those with an adventurous spirit can also enjoy an unforgettable experience: sleeping in a tent on the beach after enjoying coconut rice, shellfish and grilled fish around a campfire.

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