Events and Trade Shows in Madagascar

Somaroho, the Salegy Festival
Nosy Be Archipelago

Somaroho, the Salegy Festival

Sômarôho is today a must-see festival in Madagascar. The deep meaning of its name means "to live life freely without disturbing that of

Maki run 2017
Nosy Be Archipelago

Maki Run, a run in Nosy Komba

The MAKI RUN, a race - hiking organized every year in Nosy Komba, for this year 2018 it will take place this month this 23 June

nosybe trail
Nosy Be Archipelago

Nosy Be Trail 2018

A mountain sporting hike of a distance of about 65 km with a loan of 3600 m cumulative elevation, a hike for trained people, unlike the Maki Run.

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