Economic and Tourist News in Madagascar

Village tourism in Madagascar

Village tourism in Madagascar

You want to live a unique and unforgettable experience? Indulge in village tourism and discover another facet of a people

pintadine & 3 zebus in Nosy be
Nosy Be Archipelago

The Murderer Rodeur, a world first in Nosy Be

The Company of Zebu 3 is about to go back on the boards ???? This Friday, October 19, find the theater troupe "The 3 zebus" for a FIRST WORLD in a series in 3 episodes that presents Pierre Lebeaupin

music class nosy be
Nosy Be Archipelago

Chopin in Nosy Be

The 5th edition of classical music with Nosy Be Symphonie will take place from August 23 to September 1, 2018 in Antananarivo then Nosy Be

nosybe trail
Nosy Be Archipelago

Nosy Be Trail 2018

A mountain sporting hike of a distance of about 65 km with a loan of 3600 m cumulative elevation, a hike for trained people, unlike the Maki Run.

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