Bed and breakfast in Nosy Be (Madagascar)

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Ambondrona North, 207 Nosy Be - Madagascar

Une ambiance conviviale pour un séjour réussi
A good plan guest house is the atmosphere that prevails in my opinion. So Ylang is one of the atmospheres that I enjoyed in Nosy Be.
Starting at 40 €

BP 316, Ambaro, 207 Nosy Be - Madagascar

A stay under the sign of relaxation
Bungalows feet in the water in a cozy setting for a typically exotic stay!
Starting at 60 €

Ambatoloaka BP 193 207 Hell City - Madagascar

THE reference guest house
they are part of the pioneer of the island, whether on-site services like neighborhood life, daily involvement is part of their vision
Starting at 38 €

Ambatoloka - Nosy BE - Madagascar

Un hôtel de charme situé en plein centre du village d’Ambatoloaka, à moin de cent mètres de toutes les commodités et à moins de 50 m de la plage Les chambres sont...

Daresalam, 207 Ambatoloaka, - Madagascar

Villa Violette se trouve à Ambatoloaka à 10km de Hell-Ville sur la route de l’ouest de Nosy be. près des départs en excusions sur les îles alentours est du quartier...
Starting from 30 €

The Ramp, Route of the West, 207 Djamandjary, - Madagascar

Starting at 40 €

Hellville Battery District - Madagascar

Les charmes de Nosy-Be s’apprécient en séjournant à la Plantation, une maison d’hôtes au charme coloré, située en plein cœur de Hell-Ville. Ici, les chambres aux couleurs bariolées vont de...

Madirokely 208, 207 Nosy Be, - Madagascar

Vanio Lodge se trouve à Madirokely en bord de mer. Cette maison d’hôtes dispose de 8 chambres, 30 à 50m² de 2 à 3 personnes,d’une terrasse, d’un jardin et d’un...
Starting at 40 €

Ambatoloaka - Madagascar

En matière d’hébergement, la Voile Blanche propose de nombreuses options aux visiteurs en vacances à Nosy-Be. En front de mer pour bénéficier d’une vue exceptionnelle sur la plage ou en...

Andilana - Madagascar

C’est une construction neuve de 300m2, semi traditionnelle avec une décoration assez sobre.Equipés de moustiquaire .NOmbre de chambre :5 NotreCapacité d’accueil est de 12 personnes:4 chambres doubles et 1 chambre...
Starting at 24 €

Western Road, Domaine des Haut manguiers - Madagascar

Starting at 168 €

Antsakoa - Madagascar

Le Bungalow entouré de belles plages désertes,eau transparente, coraux, poissons magnifiques, tortues, dauphins et à l’automne les baleines et leur petit et il surplombe la mer entouré d’un beau jardin...

Ampasipohy - Madagascar

Situé en bord de mer fait de cette maison de 240m2 en palissandre, entourée d’un jardin verdoyant et ombragé, un véritable havre de paix en pleine nature, près de la...

Ambatoloaka - Madagascar

Location bungalow meublé état neuf à Nosy Bé Madagascar Dar es Salam a deux pas du centre touristique d’Ambatoloka.Bungalow tout confort, piscine collective, pièces ventilées par brasseurs d’air, terrasse, chambre...

South of Nosy be - Madagascar

La Propriété Shannon dispose de 6 belles grandes chambres d’hôtes(30m2). Touts les bungalows sont équipés d’une salle de bains avec eau chaude et courante, toilettes et lavabos. Vous y trouverez également un ventilateur ou...

Learn more about B & Bs in Nosy Be

One of the advantages of Bed and Breakfast is that they are usually managed by the owners. They each have their living environment, which they show through the extras and activities they offer. From these questions, you already have an idea of a stay that you can enjoy or not.

How much does a guest room cost in Nosy Be?

Generally from 20€ to 50€ / night on Nosy Be, up to 80€ on the surrounding islands. You will find your satisfaction!

Afterwards prices depend on the standing, the house, its location and your number. As a general rule and logically, the more people you are, the cheaper / person it will be.

Do not hesitate to ask for a quote, it does not engage you to anything!

How to choose a guest house in Nosy Be?

Unlike hotels that have stars as a reference, guest houses have no standards, and in Nosy Be there must be more than 60 guest houses, the fact is that not all of them are a guarantee of a successful stay !

Many offer rooms with no service, no atmosphere, no help. You may find yourself in an undeclared room, in an unsecured building far from all activities...

I can only advise you the Tripadvisor opinions of the guest houses on Madagascar, the opinions of the travellers remain the best indicator! And regarding Nosy Be, this blog!

What are the holiday rentals near Ambatoloaka?

My favorite: Gérard & Francine one of the first guest houses in Nosy Be!

What are the most beautiful guest houses in Nosy Be?

There is something for everyone, personally I always go to Ylang, beach, swimming pool, garden and family atmosphere. Otherwise you also have Sambatra Bed & Breakfast by the sea a little further away and nice

How is the catering in the guest houses?

No fixed answer, it all depends on your host! Some choose not to offer them because they are located in the city centre, others take a cook and others, there it is the most interesting, cook themselves

In any case, I invite you to try other restaurants on Nosy Be, good surprises to discover!

Should we choose the activities with the guest houses?

While I usually advise against going through hotel advice, guest houses have the same thing in common with youth hostels. They often work with friends, acquaintances, local service providers in the area, so if they are not the best, they will probably be in the same style as your host in terms of atmosphere?

But if you want the best in a cool atmosphere I invite you to browse through this site once again for direct contacts on the pages of the service providers, who are in my opinion the best in their field on Nosy Be

Is it mandatory to book?

Nosy Be remains the most popular destination in Madagascar, I advise you to book in advance if you do not want to be disappointed. From August to October, it is the high season, plan to book 2-3 months in advance!

Why book via Live Madagascar?

0% commission + direct contact with the service provider + best guaranteed rate

I see you coming, it's a big promotion and a scam, right?

In fact it's simple, Live Madagascar is not a booking site that takes commissions (like for example) or a travel agency. This page was initially a simple blog on Nosy Be with tips I wanted to share because I have been living in Madagascar since 2006. Today, he has become a complete guide on the big island, but it remains a site I don't live on financially!

But why this website then?

  • Provide information because Madagascar remains too "mysterious" for some people on how to get there or how to get around, what to do, what to discover etc.
  • Show you my results live. If you are reading these lines, you should have noticed that I am often 1st on the various google searches with a nice emphasis. It's part of my job. Thus if you are a professional and you need a website or an improvement of your visibility in general, please let me know!
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Mada reste une destination méconnue et que ce soit au niveau des visas, des vols, des hébergements il est parfois difficile de trouver l’information voulue. C’est la que Live Madagascar entre en jeux

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