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Hotel Ylang - Ambondrona - Nosy Be - Madagascar

A friendly atmosphere for a successful stay
A good plan guest house is the atmosphere that prevails in my opinion. So Ylang is one of the atmospheres that I enjoyed in Nosy Be.
Starting at 38 €

The Ramp, Route of the West, 207 Djamandjary, - Madagascar

Starting at 40 €

Madirokely 208, 207 Nosy Be, - Madagascar

Starting at 40 €

Nosy Be villa nosy relaxation antsoha, 207 Nosy Be - Madagascar

Starting from 40.5 €

Daresalam, 207 Ambatoloaka, - Madagascar

Starting from 30 €

Ambaro- Dzamandzar, 207 Ambaro, - Madagascar

Starting at 42 €

Ambondrona Beach - Madagascar

Ampasidava, Nosy Be 99 - Madagascar

Starting at 35 €

South of Nosy be - Madagascar

Ampasipohy - Madagascar

Western Road, Domaine des Haut manguiers - Madagascar

Starting at 168 €

Ambatoloaka - Madagascar

Hellville Battery District - Madagascar

Ambatoloka - Nosy BE - Madagascar

Ambatoloaka - Madagascar

Hell-city - Madagascar

Domaine de Florette, Nosy Be - Madagascar

Madirokely Beach - Madagascar

Starting at 25 €

Ambonara 207 - Madagascar

Ambatoloaka - Madagascar

Andilana - Madagascar

Starting at 24 €

Ambatoloaka BP 193 207 Hell City - Madagascar

THE reference guest house
they are part of the pioneer of the island, whether on-site services like neighborhood life, daily involvement is part of their vision

Ambatoloaka - Madagascar

Learn more about B & Bs in Nosy Be

One of the advantages of the cottages is that they are usually managed by the owners. They each have their living environment, which they show through the extras and activities they offer. From these questions, you already have an idea of a stay that you can enjoy or not.
How to choose a guest house in Nosy Be?
Unlike hotels that have stars as a reference, guest houses do not have any standard, and in Nosy Be there must be more than 60 guest houses, the fact is that all are not sure of a successful stay !

Many rooms offer no service, no atmosphere, no help. You find yourself in an undeclared room, in an insecure building away from all activities ...

I can only recommend Tripadvisor reviews of guest houses in Madagascar, the traveler reviews is the best indicator! And concerning Nosy Be, this blog ????
How are the rooms?
In Nosy Be, you can observe 2 categories of bed and breakfast:

Double room that approximates a hotel, with different atmosphere, cooler
Dormitory, which I put in a category to by: Youth hostel 

In guest house, check well for each if the bathroom is individual or common, both are possible.
How much to plan for a night in a guest house in Nosy Be?
It all depends on whether you choose the city center / tourist sites of Nosy Be or the surrounding area, and from 20 to 50 €, up to 80 € on the islands far from everything
How is catering in guest houses?
No fixed answer, everything depends on your host! Some choose not to offer because in the city center, others take a cook and others, it is the most interesting, cook themselves

In any case I invite you to discover other restaurants in Nosy Be, good surprises to discover!
Should you choose the activities with the guest houses?
If I usually advise against going through the advice of the hotels, the guest houses are different. They often work with friends, acquaintances, local service providers on the shelves, so if they are not the best, they will probably be in the same style as your host side atmosphere ????

But if you want the best in a cool atmosphere, I invite you to browse through this site once again ???? Direct contacts on the pages of providers, which I think are the best in their field on Nosy Be

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