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Tipanier Lodge - Ste Marie Island 515, Ambatourou 515 - Madagascar

Quietness, natural beauty & tropical atmosphere
Located at the northern tip of Sainte Marie, this lodge is the fruit of a childhood dream located in a paradise of 6ha between primary forest and huge cove bordered by a turquoise sea along one of the most beautiful beach of fine sand of the island
Starting at 41 €

Maningory BP 22 Ile Aux Mats - Madagascar

Hotel Maningory
Starting at 44 €

BP 34 Sainte Marie Island - Madagascar

Starting at 46 €

BP 32 Ambia Loukintsy - Madagascar

Starting from 50 €

Andakamanosay, Sahasifotra, 515 - Madagascar

Starting at 61 €

BP 22 Vohilava - Madagascar

The Soanambo Hotel is a 4-star luxury resort combining modern comfort with legendary St. Marian hospitality. It is on the southwest coast of Sainte Marie Island, 10 minutes from the airport. The hotel is equipped with logistical means that respect the environment: solar energy, water treatment center, rainwater recovery system, waste recycling.
Starting at 230 €

BP 33 bis Islands with mats - Madagascar

Starting at 25 €

Village Ambodiforaha - Madagascar

East Coast - 515 vohilava - Madagascar

Starting from 30 €

Islands with Mats - Madagascar

Starting at 17 €

Ambodyvampeny - Madagascar

Starting at 44 €

Maromandia - Madagascar

Lambontsira, Mahavelo BP: 37 Sainte Marie Island - Madagascar

BP 2 Andampanangoy 515 St. Mary - Madagascar

Starting at 116 €

11 yard yards, Saint Ignace Ambodifotatra - Madagascar

Vohivala - 515 Sainte-Marie - Madagascar

Starting at 54 €

Ile Saint-Marie - Madagascar

Starting at 40 €

Ambodiforaha - Madagascar

Starting at 23 €

Andapatsara Lokintsy 515 - Madagascar

Starting at 43 €

Ile aux Mats - Madagascar

Starting at 26 €

Vohilava - Madagascar

Starting at 40 €

BP: 13 Sainte Marie Island - Madagascar

Starting at 158 €

Antsiranambe - Madagascar

Islands with mats - Madagascar

Starting at 40 €

Anivorano - 515 - Madagascar

A marriage between modernity and tradition surrounded by white or ivory offers guests an intimate atmosphere as with friends.
Starting at 53 €

BP 38 BIS Anivorano - Madagascar

Starting at 91 €

Anjaha - Madagascar

Starting at 54 €

BP 5, Vohilava - 515 - Madagascar

Starting at 40 €

BP: 1 Loukintsy - Madagascar

Andampanangoy - Madagascar

Ambodifotatra - Madagascar

Ravoraha Vohilava - Madagascar

This place is a unique space on the island Sainte Marie. You will never be so close to nature perched in a charming bungalow in a centenary tree surrounded by foliage, facing the lagoon in the very first line on the beach.
Starting at 15 €

Ankarena The Cave - Madagascar

Ambodifotatra - Madagascar

Antanandava - BP 14, Maromandia - Madagascar

Vohivala - 515 Sainte-Marie - Madagascar

Islands with Mats - Madagascar

Marosoroka - Madagascar

island with mats - Madagascar

Antsirakaraiky - Madagascar

Mahavelona - Madagascar

Seaside at Ambodifotatra - Ile Sainte-Marie - Madagascar

Mailbox 34 bis Lambosira 515 St. Mary of Madagascar - Madagascar

Island with Mats 515 - Madagascar

BP 35 Ambodifotatra - Madagascar

IKOA Belle Vue Path of the Pirates Cemetery - Madagascar

Amparalao 515 - Madagascar

Agniribe - Island with mats - Madagascar

Ile aux Mats - Madagascar

Antevibe 515 - Madagascar

Sainte Marie - Madagascar

Ile aux Mats - Madagascar

Ambidifotatra - Madagascar

BP 35 Ambodifotatra - Madagascar

Antsarahaka Lonkitsy - BP 10 - Madagascar

IT to mats - Madagascar

Mahavelona - Madagascar

Lot 275 Rue La Bigorne Ambodifotatra - Madagascar

Sainte Marie Just after the dike - Madagascar

Mahavelo - Madagascar

BP 24 Ambohidena Sainte Marie - Madagascar - Madagascar

Learn more about Sainte Marie

If you want to make an unforgettable trip punctuated by atypical and enriching visits, the island of Sainte-Marie, in the northeast of the big island ...

Sainte Marie: an island paradise

Located off the east coast of Madagascar, the island of Sainte-Marie is a prime destination for a trip to Malagasy lands. This destination presents a rich history marked notably by the presence of famous pirates such as John Avery, Thomas Tew or Williams Kidd following its discovery in 1506 by Portuguese navigators.

From Soanierana-Ivongo on the mainland, a motorboat will take you there in just 30 minutes. A frame still left in the wild await you or include endemic fauna and flora species such as orchids, including the famous Queen of Madagascar or the many species of nocturnal and diurnal lemurs. You will also discover various cultures of vanilla, cinnamon, pepper, coffee or cloves. The island with multiple nicknames offers many ideas for outings, excursions or walks ...

Some suggestions of excursions

The island of Sainte-Marie is surrounded by islets to visit: Ile aux Nattes, the island Madame and l'Ile aux Forbans. The island with mats appears paradise and promises absolute calm to its guests. Scuba diving excursions are frequently organized because it has rare seabeds. Further north, Pirate Island is worth a visit. Vessels are still under the waters of this place also called the Forbans Island. A famous cemetery is also home to former pirates, outlaws and foreign convicts ... The entrance to this place is characterized by a tombstone representing the emblem of the pirates: two shins topped with a skull. Finally, the north of the island of Sainte-Marie is conducive to motorcycle rides, including a lighthouse at its northern tip.

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