Humpback whales on Sainte-Marie Island

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The humpback whales, or "megaptera novaeangliae" have very long pectoral fins. They have the distinction of feeding in cold seas and coming to breed in the warm seas, as in Sainte-Marie, during the months of July, August, September and October. It is the sanctuary humpback whales have chosen to mate, give birth to their young, and begin their education. In Malagasy, whales are called "trozona"; the inhabitants of St. Mary also refer to them as "Zagnaharibe", which means "great divinity". Whales are highly respected and protected by the local population.

A moving and unforgettable show

During your holidays in Sainte-Marie, in season, you will have the opportunity to go to sea to observe these impressive cetaceans. Often, they are identified by the breath at the pace of water jet they cause. Since whales are mammals, they must regularly rise to the surface to breathe. You will see one of the most beautiful shows of your life, when the boat has approached the animal and you find yourself a few meters from him. Whether it is a male jumping and parrying to attract the attention of a female, or a mother who guides her calf, you will never forget your encounter with humpback whales.

The songs and acrobatics of whales

You will notice the acrobatics and songs of humpback whales, or jubots, when they are in tropical seas. Without vocal chords, they nonetheless produce harmonious melodies with sounds and syllables resembling dialects. The sounds vary according to the herds and regions, but the males slightly modify their songs from the previous year with new variants. The humpback whales also perform spectacular acrobatics: they lift their heads out of the water, jump in the air, hit the water with their fins. They do it to communicate, to parade in front of the females, to mark their territory or to intimidate their rivals.

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