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Rue Pierre Stibbe Anosy - BP 959 - Madagascar

Member of "Summit Hotels & Resorts", one of Preferred Hotel Group's brands, the Carlton Hotel impresses with its location ...
Starting at 126 €

17, Rue Printsy Ratsimamanga, 101 Antananarivo - Madagascar

It is one of the most popular establishments in Antananarivo. The restaurant of Varangue, elected best of the ...
Starting at 90 €

LOT VW115 Ambohimitsimbina - Madagascar

Lokanga Boutique Hotel is perched on the Royal Hill of Antananarivo, offering breathtaking views of the entire city, sporting ...
Starting at 99 €

Lot IIO 74B, Anjanahary, 101 Antanananarivo - Madagascar

Vous voulez vivre une expérience authentique et découvrir le quotidien des malgaches dans une ambiance conviviale et chaleureuse ? Cette...

13, Rue Andriandahifotsy, Faravohitra, 101 Antananarivo - Madagascar

Cet hôtel de luxe, de par son nom, est un établissement conçu pour intégrer le bois précieux de palissandre tant...
Starting from 100 €

Tsiombikibo - Lot VE 12 Ambatovinaky - Madagascar

An essential luxury address of the capital, the Grand Hotel Urban stands out from the rest thanks to its strategic location offering ...
Starting at 81 €

Lot IBK 7 Bis, Rue Andrianary Ratianarivo, Ampasamadinika 101 Antananarivo - Madagascar

Definitely one of the most popular establishments in the capital, Sakamanga owes its fame thanks to its ideal location, its ...
Starting at 22 €

29 Prince Ratsimamanga Street, 101 Antananarivo, - Madagascar

The Colbert Hotel overlooks the capital and offers a panoramic view of the different monuments of the city. Perched on the hill ...
Starting at 65 €

Lot 2B 60 Faravohitra - Madagascar

This house Tananarivienne more than 100 years will be for your stay a place of rest and serenity. We enjoy ...
Starting from 19 €

Ambohindraserika, Ambohimiandra - Madagascar

RN2 Bibilava - Antsombolo - Madagascar

Starting at 28 €
The Chalet des Roses offers impeccable service and an intimate welcome. The typical Italian decoration and the refined service ...
Starting at 55 €

Tsarafara Sabotsy Namehana Lot 03-708D Ambohitsiambo 103 - Madagascar

Far from car and away from the noise. The tranquility gives a lot of satisfaction and pleasure Ideal for ...

B.P. 756, Route Andrainarivo , Ampahibe - Madagascar

The Hotel Panorama is located in the heart of a quiet and secure area, has 50 rooms with panoramic views. At the crossroads of the ...

LOT VG 26 Ter Antsahabe Street Andrianaivoravelona - Madagascar

Lemur Hostel is built by travelers for travelers, and located in the city center of Antananarivo offering a service ...

Lot III J32 Andavamamba - Madagascar

Seoul Hotel has 20 rooms Each room equipped with mini bar, television, private toilets, bathroom, ...

Lot II J 151 Ambohijatovo Ivandry - Madagascar

Features: 3 Standard Rooms 8 Superior Rooms 2 Studio with Kitchenette (Equipped with LCD TV International channels, WI-FI, ...
Starting at 36 €

6, Rainitovo Antsahavola Street - Madagascar

Located in an old district with preserved period architecture, Hasambarana ("happiness" in Malagasy) Apart hotel offers a ...

Lot IIA 14 Jean Andriamady Street West Ampandrana - Madagascar

The house has: -1 spacious double bedroom with private bathroom. - 2 twin bedrooms with en suite bathroom

Lot II M 22 Bis Ankadivato - Madagascar

In a beautiful town house in Antananarivo, capital of Madagascar, the hotel La Regence offers first class accommodation ...
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Antananarivo FAQs

Le Centell Hôtel & Spa
Which are the top rated hotels in Tana in 2019 according to Triadvisor?

Sakamanga, Tamboho Boutique Hotel, Rosewood and spa, Belvedere, Three Métis are the top 5 travelers' favorite hotels for this year

Which hotels in Antananarivo have beautiful views?

Hotels Lokanga Boutik Hotel, Urban, Tamboho more and  Rosewood offer beautiful views of the capital

Which Tana hotels offer an excellent breakfast?

If you're looking for hotels in Antananarivo that offer quality breakfast then you can try pâtisserie de l'hôtel Colbert, the SakaManga buffet,

How much does a night stay in a hotel in Antananarivo?

On Tana, rooms start from € 9 through an average of € 50 for 2 and 3 star hotels to over € 150 for hotels & deluxe rooms.

Learn more about Antananarivo

The fourth largest island in the world, Madagascar is the only "Afro-Asian" land on the planet. This subtle mix of Asia and Africa offers the traveler landscapes ranging from tropical rainforest to captivating turquoise lagoons or shimmering rice paddies to thorny deserts. Lemurs are emblems of unique endemic fauna and flora.

The circuits not to be missed for a successful stay on Antananarivo

Nicknamed the city of beauty, Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar and is located in the Highlands region. Lovers of friendly atmosphere will appreciate the local markets such as shellfish or the flower market near Lake Anosy. Antananarivo, commonly known as Tana, is perched at 1300 meters above sea level and its discovery is made over the walks, strolling along avenues and stairs always very animated. The Queen's Palace or the Rova is a key element of the visit of the city of Antananarivo.

Occupying the highest hill overlooking Anocy Lake, the Rova was once the residence of the kings of the time because its dominant position was ideal for the defense of the city. Close to the Rova is the Andafivaratra Museum or Prime Minister's Museum, so named because it was the residence of Prime Minister Rainilaiarivony who married successively three queens belonging to the Merina ethnic group. This museum houses historical collections rescued from the fire of the Queen's Palace and some representative objects of the last Malagasy dynasties. During the discovery of the capital, you will find renowned restaurants, holding a operating license where tourists can taste the Malagasy gastronomy. South of Antananarivo, in the Lower City, the Tsimbazaza Botanical and Zoological Park, which means "they are not children," makes it possible to observe lemurs.

Visit the Malagasy capital now before it changes

The Independence Avenue, the nerve center of the city, is lined with old colonial buildings now become banks. Its very famous Friday market, Zoma was for a long time the most impressive figure that was offered to the visitors of the Malagasy capital but today it is divided into four markets spread across the city. The surroundings of the Malagasy capital shelters some high places of the merina power distributed on the 12 hills which surround the city.

The city of Ambatolampy is quite representative of the charm of the cities of the Imerina region. Hiking and fishing enthusiasts will appreciate the pine forests and landscapes of the Ankatra Massif lined with wild mimosas and rivers.

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