Lobster fishing closure: Beginning of October to end of December

lobster nosy be


Lobster fishing closure: Beginning of October to end of December

Why am I talking about the closure?

lobster nosy be madagascar

The biggest lobster I saw had to do in the 2m without antennas, a beautiful beast anyway! On the left a photo of a lobster still a little smaller than the one I'm talking about. Who says better ? 🙂

And usually it was beasts of 30 to 50cm that I was brought to the restaurant every day. This not so long ago, just 5-6 years old (2008). If you have already come at this time you have probably seen too 😀 But as the years go by, the sizes reduce, if you come for a while in Madagascar, you have no doubt notice that the sizes diminished and unfortunately they are made more and more rare ...

Why a fishing closure?

lobster nosy be

I will not explain how life works ... After all, why not! We are born, we make little ones, we die. If not small before dying the species disappeared. Yes you know I know, but what I ask you is to understand it.
Rules exist, they are there for a reason.

Closing from October to December
Simply because it is the lobster spawning period, do not kill the moms, let them lay eggs and let them grow.

What is the minimum size to eat a lobster?

The minimum size for a lobster is 20cm to be fished

Below 20 cm she must be released. Tell you that you eat a child below this size, and that females only lay from 18cm. So if you are served a mini lobster barely 10cm restaurant, refuse ... If you accept it they will continue to fish and your children will never know the lobsters except in the books ...

For operators

At a press conference last Friday, Regional Director of Fisheries and Fishery Resources, Rakotonirina Noel Etienne urges collectors, operators and restaurateurs to make a declaration of their lobster reserves. This within 5 days, so that regional offices can provide them with a stock holding license.

Subsequently, the Ministry will carry out a regular inspection and the violation of the aforementioned order will be punishable by heavy penalties. Source: http://sobika.mg/actualite/politique/2013/10/06-peche-aux-langoustes-fermeture-de-la-saison

To learn more, here is the pavement of the Department of Fisheries: http://www.fao.org/docrep/field/003/ac053f/AC053F05.htm

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