Boite de nuit Jao's Pub à Ambohipo, en périphérie d'Antananarivo

Cabaret club created by the Great Jaojaoby, a big name in the Malagasy musical scene. When the coast invites itself to the capital, it is an assured vibe. If you want an experience of local entertainment, this is the place!

A bit on the outside of the city, Jao's Pub is located in the district of Ambohipo. By asking the university district, all taxis will tell you. If you come from the city center, it will cost you around Ar 12,000 or € 3. If you come from other areas further afield, expect fees around Ar 20,000 (€ 5) and more, it depends.

The ambience at Jao's Pub is very oriented tropical music, Salegy, Malesa, Kawitry .... an atmosphere of the electrifying coast itself, release assured.

  • Restoration
  • Possibility of live artists on stage during the disco session
  • Local atmosphere assured
  • No dedicated parking for the establishment,
  • Neighborhood very busy during the day but really too quiet at night
  • Rare taxi on the spot
  • Lack of ventilation

We have provided you with their direct contact at the top right of the page. Good night !

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