Restaurant tsy manin madirokely

Tsy Manin, "no problem" in Malagasy is the young place of Nosy Be par excellence. Held by Mat and Elina, the restaurant is adjacent to the Baleine Rand'eau center in a friendly "poof" sea view. You can find Tapas, Sandwich, Cheesburger, Cookies, Muffins and other gourmet assortments of the house without forgetting the menu of the day according to the purchases of the market and the passage of the fishermen.

What does Tsy Manin restaurant offer in Madirokely?

Restaurant tsy manin madirokely

By the sea on the beach of Madirokely, from morning to evening you can enjoy the various services of this restaurant:

  • Morning: Breakfast of 7h, ideal before going on excursion. Whales, whale sharks and / or turtle outings you tents? The whale-rand'eau team is the most famous of Nosy Be 
  • Return trip or simple walk on the beach, stop at Tsi Manin and enjoy their menu on the board
menu tsy manin madirokely nosy be

And if you spend the evening, find out, they regularly organize musical nights 😍

What is the mood at Tsy Manin in Nosy be?

Tsy Manin Restaurant in Nosy Be

Ambiance salon - ottoman with high tide the sound of waves

Restaurant tsy manin madirokely

Warning: Risk of becoming addicted to breakfasts

Restaurant tsy manin madirokely

Have you ever played Finnish petanque?

Tsy Manin Restaurant in Nosy Be

What can you eat there?

Tsy Manin Restaurant in Nosy Be

No food here but good food: salads, donuts, pasta, tapas, sandwich cheeseburger, muffins, etc ... I challenge you to be hungry out of tables 😊

Tsy Manin Restaurant in Nosy Be
Tsy Manin Restaurant in Nosy Be
Restaurant tsy manin madirokely

Homemade smoothie!

What are the rates of the Deck?

Restaurant tsy manin madirokely

Price side, we remain in the average of Nosy Be, neither more nor less.

What are the opening hours and the situation?

Restaurant tsy manin madirokely

Open every day of the week from 7 am to 10 pm

The apartment

Madirokely Apartment

If you were seduced by the place, Tsy Manin offers a sea view apartment above the restaurant at 40 € / night (5% discount per week and 10% per month)

Two bedrooms (1 with a double bed and a second with two single beds), a terrace, a living room (a sofa bed in the common living space.) A bathroom with hot water, a kitchen with all the necessary comforts. 

Ideal for a couple with children or 2 couples or small group.

Madirokely Apartment

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